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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

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  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Pro-V Vaporizer Review Session



  • Pro-V Vaporizer Review Session
  • The G Pro / K-Vape Vaporizer For Dry Herb
  • The research
  • The Session Pro-V Vaporizer is a mighty mAh battery with four voltage settings, but limited portability. Learn more about it in the review. The Pro-V is a powerful and portable battery for your favorite oil cartridges. | 5. $ Product Details. The Session Pro-V is a premium vaporizer tuned . The Session Pro-V Starter Kit is a premium vaporizer system designed for performance. It's a sleek and Based on 3 reviews. Write a review. %. (3). 0 %.

    Pro-V Vaporizer Review Session

    After my 2nd mouthpiece I improvised. I took a pill bottle meds from pharmacy and drilled a hole in bottom for drawing from. I kept the metal screen piece from original mouthpiece. I load, insert metal piece , then pill bottle.

    Fits perfectly snug and leaves abit of draw room in case. I can use the bottle for about a couple of months and replace when just to dirty or anything. Been doing this for just over a year. Getting meds monthly is a free mouthpiece whenever needed. This is so true.

    I went through two already. Besides that, the vape is pretty good. When my last mouthpiece broke. I ended up using one of those large hookah tips. I took the metal piece out of the tip and i fits perfectly in the hookah tip. Last much longer and a better hit. Omg this is halarious! Ah there is trick to the mouthpiece, the guy in the store told me.. Had it over a year. These things are perhaps dangerous as the lids start to melt and crack over time…possibly breathing in plastic fumes.

    Have had my GPRO for a yr now and have spent more money on replacing the lids. They can not stand the heat and crack. Absolute waste of money. Hence why I am online looking for a new vape. Had this for 2 years now. Coulda just got a better vape with that money.

    Top clogs, warm up time sucks, no cloud at all. If the holes shape like and x then its fake. If you are having problems with the real one then you should call Gpro. They should replace it. Is this a fake?

    I was given this for a gift, the top cracked for reasons unknown after the first month I had it, read this has happened to other users as well, not worth the price, quality is not good, is there a warranty?? I bought one of these as a cheap extra to add to my Pax1 and 2, mflb. The USB charger was key to the purchase. These proprietary chargers my 1 complaint with the pax1 and to a lesser extent the pax2, which still requires you to carry the cradle.

    My biggest issue is with the plastic mouthpiece cap. It gets real hot AND it cracks. I had to krazy glue it on the outside, not optimum considering the fact that it gets real hot so if you have an issue with vaping krazy glue, well… After gluing it, it just cracked in another place.

    I guess you need to limit the session to to your 2nd 5 minute timeout it takes about 4 of the first 5 min. We used it with people and it seemed to work out, but you do have to let it cool. The battery life was pretty decent really. The vapor was quite good, IMO. More consistent than my pax 1, which had to be packed tight to produce good vapor, with a light top off and stirring to get the most of the fill.

    I was a little confused about the temp colors at first, but as a graphic designer, the RGB is easy to remember. The other big issue I have with this vape is how hot the black mouthpiece gets. You must use the rubber tips. They should make a ceramic one Or use one of the accessory attachments. A ceramic screen to replace the wire mesh is a good idea, which allows for a clearer draw. The burnt plastic smell is not that bad at all.

    A lot easier than rolling a joint every hour or so. So they suggested I get a USB block and try that so I did and it worked then after a fey months it would not charge at all.

    I then went to another store here and just bit the bullet and bought another Gpro so I have one till I get around to contacting GPro. I even tried adding flavour drops not helping at all. I am so disappointed right now. I literally feel sick every time I try it. Hey, just got my kvape in the mail. I thought I was the only one having this problem, no one talks about this. My room stinks after using it as you said, too. I bought it at my dispencery.

    Still lots of good things in the leftover bud to put to good use. Anyone have any things I can do to get a good draw. I HAve barely 2 hits.

    I should get at least 6 right? I cleaned out the device thoroughly to test the airflow. Then I put the mouthpiece on with no herb in the chamber and it is difficult to get airflow.

    Then I examined the device to determine how air is supposed to get it and the only thing I can figure is the USB charging portal? Seems like there should be a hole somewhere…bad design IMHO. By the 12th pull the thing is so hot it burns my throat. WTF am I doing wrong? Worse, the company that MAKES these mouthpieces could care less,obviously ; this is NOT acceptable and I am surprised you said nothing about that since it is a big problem: How to know if the one in the middle of the picture is fake?

    I just got my GPRO black pen going. I found on High heat, a slightly conjested screen , and fine ground dry side herb gave me the best vap. Im a smoker and I like the burn …I swore it was burning but the left over material and lack of real smoke proved it was vaping. Unfortunately , I dropped it and the mouth piece cracked as did the plastic housing the metal screen receptacle. I just used some instant glue and will hope for best.

    Its plastic pressure fit mouthpiece was the main weak point I noticed upon this otherwise worthwhile economy vaporizor when it arrived.

    Anyone know of parts? The taste is unbearable and burns. So she has to replace the middle part monthly…not really convenient or cost-effective. I just bought the gpro n have yet to b able to get a hit from it, any idea what I could b doung wrong? Or have I purschased a faulty vap? I have the gpro but everytime I use it I cant seem to get a decent hit. I never see any vapor am I doing something wrong? I bought a G Pro vaporizer about 2 months ago.

    Then little pieces of the rim started breaking away …basically just deteriorating. First off, thanks for these reviews; your site has been my go-to resource for reviews while I look for the best starter vape for my purposes. Assuming the herb would get shaken about and un-tamped, does it greatly reduce the efficiency of this device? My budget is ideally less than CAD, not helping myself here! Do you think this vape would hold up to those requirements? Just get an astral.

    Good vape sessions to all and to all a good vape lol. This thing is a total ripoff. If you try to contact their customer service you will most likely be ignored. One of the guys who owns the company is named Roger and he will tell you a bunch of BS if you run into any problems. If you want a quality vape, I would seriously look elsewhere.

    I literally saw this same vape on a Chinese wholesale website. They are a terrible company! Sold me garbage that stopped working after a week! I just bought the G pro yesterday and to be honest, I am not a fan. Not enough vapor at all and it doesnt heat all the way up. I would not recommend buying this vaporizer. Just bought the K Vape my first vaporizer and I am barely getting any vapor and usually only one puff per session.

    I am fully loading the chamber and tamping it down. Did I just get a defective device? I just bought the snoop dogg g pen and it doesnt seem to be workung right. Do you press down the button to hit it? I wouldnt think so bc that button changes the temp settings. Vapecritic, please stop endorsing this bullshit. These vapes are seriously made in China. And we all know anything made in China is cheaply built and therefore will not last very long. You and I both know these vapes are seriously bullshit.

    Most Apple products are made in China and they manage to deliver high quality finished products. You can add many other consumer products to this that are either manufactured in China or other parts of Asia — most are well made nut to a lower overall cost than in the USA and will deliver whatever they are supposed to. It did not follow the hrs as the manual stated to charge.

    After about hrs it finally turned green, then to not a hold a charge after first usage. To add to the 1st one, no high, no vapor, no nothing except for wasting my herb. It did however turn the herb brown and waste it. Then the light was fully green and it did not produce a vapor, nor a buzz, hit whatever.

    The rep told me it was not fully charged even though it was green and to give it another hrs, which it held the charge but produced no vapor, no high, and herb was still green. Now they want to send me a pen, this company needs to go back to the drawing board. I have used a volcano, a Pax, an Ego-t and they all do both. I might as well been vaporing H They did send me a nice working pen. It does however come in handy for the home or other need to be discrete areas.

    I just have a question. I have been looking for a new vape pen since my original snoop Dogg pens battery is about shot. IV been tossing up the k vape and the g pro. I am leaning towards the k vape but but 3 minute auto shut off seems kinda short.

    Brand new, I charged it, about 4 hours, then a couple days later I try it out. I saw one comment suggesting clicking the ON button 10 times when turning it on as it resets the clock? What do you think? I got the g pro about a month ago and it worked fine and didnt really have any problems with it untill one day it stopped charging.

    Ive tried using different usb cords but the same thing happens everytime. My GPro is showing a full charge but then blinks red and shuts off before it gets hot. My wife got a free one for me at some Convention in Vegas and I was pretty hyped considering I was scoping this one out before I got my Flowermate. But after using it a few times I realized that I made the right choice going with the Flowermate as my back up vape to my Pax2.

    The G Pro let me down.. You have to use that long weird looking adapter mouthpiece in order to take long pulls. Which leads me to the taste.. The taste that comes from this thing is dreadful!

    I cleaned it and ran it a few times hoping the taste would go away. But it never did. I used it 6 times in total, and the last 2 times I got a headache.

    Quite the same here, I thought the strong plastic smell was because the unit was new, but after several use it just remains and you can actually smell it on every part of the vapo. Also I did find out I do not seem to obtain much vapor in low or medium and have to use it at the highest temperature; which quickly consume the bud and produces a harsh smoke that burns the throat.

    My Grenko G-Pro vaporizer stopped holding a charge after less than 15 uses. They made it very difficult for me to go through a return process through their company. Fortunately the store I bought it from did a complete exchange. After two months, the replacement charging port began to fail. Now, again, it does not work after charging. Disappointed after some short-term enjoyment. Yo man I need sum help I just bought this g pen and whenever I press the button 5 times the lower light quiclly flashes green then the power button light flashes red 6 times any suggestions??

    Last night I filled the bowl to the max, which is like 0. Very clean [effects], takes a little longer to kick in as opposed to smoking. No issues so far with the batts or any problems like that. So, how much good quality herb do you use? Hi, I got the g pro vape one week go used it a couple times a day for 3 days and it has stopped working. Blinks red 10 times and shutoff. Any suggestions of what could be happening? Yea I just got my g pro mine does the 6 light thing too I am gonna leave a bad review on there page.

    I can smell and taste it but no vapor. I used desk tops before but this is my first portable. Same here — very little vapor and very little buzz. But then when I turn it on the power light starts blinking red a few times and then it shuts itself off. Any tricks that you Bud or anyone reading is aware of to get it to work again?

    Otherwise it was a pretty expensive one session. Regards, all the best! Did you ever find a resolution to this? I just got a G Pen Pro and it has never worked. Mine does the same exact thing as well. Also the vaping sometimes seem to come a little too close to blackening for my taste too. And a little too fast as well. So my bro has the G-Pen and he thinks its the Bees knees.

    I tried it and thought it was the coolest thing ever…until I found this awesome website. For aesthetics, it is plastic and cheap feeling. The rubber mouth piece itself makes it harder to pull meaning you got to pull harder than average to get decent pulls for harder pulls, pull super hard with the mouthpiece.

    You have to tap it around which can become a nuance between sessions. And even though my bro never dropped it and always charged it RIGHT before using it never at night before bedtime the battery started dying out faster and faster within 6 months so it has a cheap rechargable battery.

    Currently battery life is sustained around minutes. Maybe do some fanagling just to get it to pick up charge. A big no no in my book. The vape is kind of harsh like you said bud and it definetely has a funny taste. Hey Bud, thanks for the review: Bud, I have a question for you. I know the K Vape is warranted for life , but have heard of others having trouble with Kandy after a couple of mouthpiece replacements. I want a dry herb vape for the next surgery.

    I adore them both! My mother in law also has COPD, she is in the end stage of it, lots of breathing difficulties. She has used both the MFLB and PAX2, they both worked good for her, although the PAX2 had to be cleaned with a pipe cleaner after a uses otherwise it would become more difficult to inhale. I found the problem for the people that have the flashing red light problem… so i took it apart and the problem seems to be the 2 white wires that hang from the heating cup and break off really easily from the main circuit board.

    Its a very simple fix just reattach those wires to the motherboard and voila it will work. The case is made of 3 parts, insert a flat screwdriver between the top right and top left edges of the plastic piece that has the button. Gently pry and the two small nubs in the ribbed part will move back amd let the top piece slide up and out. Be careful, theres two black and two white silicon wires to power the heater around the cup, and two thin wires wrapped in thin white silicone tube it looks like.

    The two thin wires go to what appears to be a thermocouple. Do not bother prying up on the plastic part that has the cup, its only held in with two small nubs protruding into the main part of the case. No glue, no extra clips. Hi, I also have a problem that you may be able to help me with. Have you ever heard of this? Ok, so i am now on my second replacement of the K-Vape and idk what to do. Same problem on both pens!!

    Same problem over and over. Am i doing something wrong here? Does it really seem normal for two consecutive units shipped a few days apart? After reading a lot of reviews, including this one, I bought a K-Vape. I read the instructions and plugged it in to charge. About two hours later, the light was green, indicating the unit was charged.

    However, when I attempted to use it, it would not work. I pushed the button 5 times and the red light came on, indicating it was heating. Almost immediately however, the light flashed 15 times and the unit turned off. I tried charging it and repeating the process many times, all with the same result. I even tried different charging cables and plug ins. Hey Bud, In your opinion would it be better to spend like 20 dollars more and get a magic flight launch box instead of a K-vape? Awful, headache inducing odors led me to shine a flashlight on the unit this was all prior to ever using it with product.

    I deduced from personal experience as well as some threads on vaporizer forums that inappropriate materials are used in the vapor path and mine had a visible plastic vapor coming out of the unit. Moreover, I did around full burn off cycles and the strong, noxious vapor persisted. After cycles it was just as pungent as ever. I returned mine, will never buy a cheap plastic vape again and will be purchasing a Firefly, as I value my health, which is the whole point of vaping anyway.

    I figured out my own dilemma. I went back to my gpen and returned the gpro vape. The vape only works for wax. The gpen is for the dry stuff…. I have a gpro pen. Help me out bro this is frustrating.

    I am so disappointed this vaporizer is crap, what a waste of money to top this my mouthpiece seems to come off when I am actually trying to open my chamber, I think i am going to break this shit if I cant open it cause ive tried to open it for the last 4 hours and it doesnt seem to open!!!!

    It is dried and ground small. Will this do damage to my vape? Hey bud, i just recently bought the vapor 7 months ago. The green light remains on when plugged in and does not charge. Would you have any suggestions. You will regret it.

    Flowermate all day for the price! Do not buy the gpro! What should I do? I can get the No2 or the G-pro exactly for the same price. Is this really better than the No2? I actualy found the snoop dog g pro even cheaper now: I have both the no2 and the g pro. I honestly like the no2 much better. It depends on what you want. Portability or quality vape sessions. Do you think it is broken? The plastic taste and smell actually gave me a headache.

    Using quality herb of course. I prefer the no2 over this one. No2 is way more efficient and better tasting imo. The Alfa is on my wish list. I need more feed back on the k-vape from kandy pens. This is my first vaporizer. I am satisfied with it so far.

    My question is would it be better to wait till the battery is completely empty before charging or could I charge it after say 1 or 2 uses without harming the life of the battery. As as I know bro, it is a Lithium battery, just as cellphones are. I do use my cellphone while charging it, and I do unplug it before a whole charge sometimes.

    I just got one of these today, and your review is spot-on. The unit does get pretty warm, and the vapor is a tad bit harsh but not terrible. You get what you pay for. How many chambers do u need to pack in order to feel effects on both the pax and k vape also is the pax worth the extra hundred thank you in advance.

    You do great and professional reviews! I sure hope these companies are providing you with product for the review or at least a discount. I just bought the Atmos Transporter. I like everything except the taste.

    One of the best parts of an experience is the taste. I put top-shelf product in the chamber as described and it taste bad. I hate [using] paper, but the flavor with this vaporizer almost makes paper better. The smooth vapor provided tasty flavors that had us reaching for it again and again. Satisfying to use, intuitive to newcomers, and easier to live with than competitors, the AirVape X provides richer, smoother vapor than anything else in its price range.

    The magnetic lid holds firm when in use, but comes off more easily than others when you need to load or clean it. Plus, the rim of the heating chamber underneath helps to funnel in ground material so none spills over the sides—a common occurrence with less-forgiving vaporizers.

    From the first puff to the last, we found the AirVape X provided richer, smoother vapor than the competition available for similar prices, and with more of the pleasant flavors that make vaporizers such a treat to use. Our former pick is still a very satisfying product, but compared with the AirVape X, the Elite's shortcomings outweigh its slightly lower price. The Elite has a lot of the features we love in our top pick, like a digital display for battery life and precision temperature control.

    Plus, the heating chamber behind the mouthpiece eliminates the annoying need to clean out a long airpath. It offers some of the things we like about our other picks, like a small OLED screen to display battery status and temperature control, and a magnetic top-loading chamber that requires minimal cleaning.

    However, the Starry is a notable step forward. The Stainless Grasshopper produces effective vapor faster than our other picks, with nearly instant convection heating, simple tactile temperature controls, and a clever penlike design. The pocketable size and inconspicuous design make it the most easily portable of our picks, and a lifetime warranty is a reassuring detail, as earlier versions of the Grasshopper had some reliability issues.

    Both of them have tested and reviewed dozens of models over the years, and they gave us their takes on recent improvements to portable vaporizers and performance trends, as well as insight into their own favorites. This is my third year covering vaporizers for The Wirecutter, stepping away from my normal coverage of batteries , electrical products , and even personal finance. A portable vaporizer, dressed in a sleek and discreet housing, feels like something you can bring to a dinner party along with a bottle of wine.

    Compared with smoking cannabis, a vaporizer will give you a cleaner taste, less lingering odor, and more efficient use of your material.

    Though edibles also offer a high without combustion, dosage can be tricky and consuming too much can be debilitating. A vaporizer that works with ground material—such as cannabis flowers—can reproduce dosages with precision temperature controls.

    The effects are easy to control, and the material is easier to find than concentrates like extracts or oils. We have more details in the Health and legal section. We considered top vaporizers with positive reviews from professionals at sites like The Vape Critic and VaporizerWizard. In the past three years of updates for this guide, we considered a total of 35 vaporizers, and for this update we looked at another 11, many of them released since our last update.

    Based on the recommendations and reviews we found, we pared our list to just the most promising devices that we wanted to try for ourselves.

    The best vaporizers make the experience a treat from start to finish. We had two different panels of testers try out 13 models in prior years to get an idea of how people with different comfort levels and cannabis experience think about vaporizers and the experience that goes along with them.

    When we decided to test six new models this year, we took that earlier feedback into account and kept track of which vaporizers hit the most of the high notes we lay out here. Before anything else, we think a great vaporizer should be easy to use. The controls should be clear and intuitive so you can start it up and adjust the temperature quickly without multiple trips to the instruction manual.

    Plus, it needs to be easy to load without making a mess, because no one likes picking little bits of cannabis up from all over. Tastes vary, as do perceptions of how warm or smooth vapor feels. We dismissed vaporizers that impart unpleasant flavors like burnt popcorn, or worse, burnt plastic.

    Similarly, we avoided models that have harsh or hot vapor—if you wanted to cough, you could use a pipe. More universal than flavor, great vaporizers let you take smooth, easy draws. Some vaporizers have an average draw that goes unnoticed, but the truly great ones will feel like inhaling through an empty straw instead.

    Every vaporizer needs to be cleaned eventually, but the best ones have fewer parts to clean and require less fussy care. A great portable vaporizer has to balance form and function while still being truly portable. Modern options are made from quality materials that feel better in your hand and last longer than cheap plastic models. But most of the time the best vaporizers use common ports like Micro-USB or USB-C, which conveniently work with the cable and chargers you already having laying around to power your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets.

    Convection is more highly regarded for flavor and efficiency, as it heats the oven evenly by pulling hot air through as you inhale. Conduction heating is less complicated to make and less expensive, as it transfers heat between solid surfaces. An overheated conduction vaporizer can actually burn material up against the wall, making for an unpleasant taste and the need to stir the chamber.

    But in some cases, our testers preferred the flavor or vapor from a conduction model anyway. Hybrid models are increasingly common, using a heating element mostly to warm the chamber, but also the air passing through. Most portable models will easily last three or four bowls before needing to be recharged—plenty in most situations.

    Built-in lithium batteries can keep most of their charge for five years or more. We expect to break, lose, or retire most vaporizers before their batteries wear out. Compared with onboard buttons and status displays that make it quick and easy to use a vaporizer, smartphone apps always get in the way.

    Small, thoughtful touches—like the magnetic lid and standby timer—stood out in our testing and had us reaching for the X even after our tests were done. The first time we set up the AirVape X, we were impressed with how easy it is to start. Taking off the mouthpiece to load the chamber below requires little effort because the mouthpiece is held firmly in place with a magnet.

    When loading it, we made far less of a mess on the table than when loading devices without such a forgiving lip around them. Once you pop the magnetic lid back on, the device turns on with three taps of the power button.

    To change the temp, just tap the arrow buttons on either side, and the selected temperature changes on screen. This may all seem obvious, but some vaporizers make it much more difficult.

    The Prohibited In The 5th Degree, for example, has a single button to control a device lock, power, and temperature. We think the screen and buttons on the AirVape X make for a much easier session from start to finish. We loaded the X, and all the vaporizers we tested, with sativa-dominant hybrid flowers , ground with one of our favorite grinders. The vapor was smooth and full, and better than that of anything else in the price range. Neither the vapor nor the mouthpiece ever got uncomfortably hot, though the top portion around the heating chamber comes pretty close.

    It was enjoyable from the first inhale to the last—about eight to 10 puffs, depending on the temp. Plus, the AirVape X has a very easy draw, while the Elite is a little closer to a milkshake sip. The latter was never a huge problem, but side by side the difference was obvious, as was our preference for the X. We consistently recommend vaporizers like the AirVape X that load behind the mouthpiece instead of at the far end, and the main reason is because of how much easier they are to clean.

    If you notice the draw getting harder, just take the mouthpiece off and pop out the small black metal screen. You can give it a quick wipe to clear the path, or for a more thorough cleaning, drop the whole thing in some isopropyl alcohol for a bit then wipe with a cotton swab.

    If you save the spare screens in the box, you can also skip cleaning it and just replace it. The AirVape X feels well-designed and constructed when you hold it in your hand. The Elite has a nice, modern design, but the embedded buttons can be hard for anyone with larger hands to use. Plus, the flat surface on the X leaves room for a big status display. Then the timer starts counting down from three minutes adjustable to five to shut down and conserve battery life and the flowers you loaded inside.

    Our budget pick, the Xmax Starry, is the only other vaporizer we tried that includes a timer, but its five-minute and minute windows are a bit more prone to wasting battery.

    And neither of those picks vibrate when ready like the X does. The battery on the X lasted through roughly three bowls before needing to be recharged. Though it comes with a cord and wall charger, any of the countless ones strewn about from other devices you own should work fine.

    After our testing was already completed and our impressions noted, we also saw that another reviewer had a similar flavor experience: If something goes wrong with the X, AirVape offers a limited lifetime warranty, though you do need to register the vaporizer. As Buzz at VaporizerWizard. The only other odd quirk we noted: The up-arrow button is on the left of the power button, and the down-arrow button is on the right, and it always felt backward.

    We found the Elite to be a nice vaporizer overall, with simple controls, vapor that our testers enjoyed, and a sleek design that was portable and functional. But our top pick has improved on all those points, from being easier to load and easier to clean, to offering a fuller-flavor vapor than the Elite. For a slightly lower price, the Elite still has a similar battery life that lasts three to four bowls, convenient Micro-USB charging, and satisfying vapor that makes it a good value, but less impressive than the AirVape X.

    These controls have become more popular, and are now similar on our top pick and budget picks as well. Loading the Elite is straightforward as well. Pull off the mouthpiece on top, and load the ceramic heating chamber underneath. Our top pick uses a magnetic latch, seating the mouthpiece effortlessly, and making it easy to take off—a feature we appreciated when loading the AirVape X and the Elite side by side.

    We thought the vapor was smoother than that of our budget pick, the Starry, but it lacked the citrusy notes and fuller vapor of our top pick, the AirVape X. But since the release of the AirVape X whose draw is like drinking water through a straw , the Elite feels like it has a more constricted airflow—it feels closer to drawing from a fast-food milkshake.

    Cleaning the Elite is easy, but in fairness, an Elite that saw regular use for a year—and was never cleaned past a wipe with a paper towel or the included brush—performed about as well as a brand-new unit we brought to our test panel. If you do find the mouthpiece is clogged with resin and gunk, just remove it, soak it in isopropyl alcohol, and wipe it down. This process is about the same for all our picks.

    Recharging over Micro-USB is the most convenient option, and we think it makes life much easier than proprietary cables like the one the 5th Degree vaporizer uses, or the charging cradles that accompany the Firefly 2 or Pax 3 vaporizers. With those vaporizers, you need to remember to carry—and not lose—a special cable. But with the Elite and our other top picks, you can use any Micro-USB cable you have laying around, and pair it with any USB charger or power bank you already have.

    If you notice that your Elite gets too warm for comfort, this simple silicone sleeve will cool things back down. The Elite comes with a one-year warranty, and Grenco stood out because it offers responsive phone support, in addition to the more common text and email options.

    But in summer , we heard scattered feedback from readers in our comments and on Twitter about Grenco Science being slow to replace or refusing to replace Elite vaporizers that seem to have failed under warranty.

    The G Pro / K-Vape Vaporizer For Dry Herb

    The Session Pro-V is a premium threaded vaporizer battery tuned for Variable Voltage: V (Pre-Heat) - V - V - V - V Based on 9 reviews. They also make the v2 pro which is one of the cheapest portable vaporizers that I Read on below to get my full Xmax starry vaporizer review. Size, Portability, and Build Quality. Pax 2 vaporizer vs XMAX Starry vape couple rips but as the temp goes up and the session goes on, the taste goes downhill. The V2 Pro Series 7 is a portable conduction vaporizer made by v2 cigs. a standard grind which is more than enough for a decent group session. The Series 7 uses an mAh variable voltage battery (v, v, v).

    The research



    The Session Pro-V is a premium threaded vaporizer battery tuned for Variable Voltage: V (Pre-Heat) - V - V - V - V Based on 9 reviews.

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