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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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properties Medicinal



  • properties Medicinal
  • Curcumin - Biological and medicinal properties
  • Discover the world's research
  • For example, EO from different plant parts like flowers, leaves, stems, roots, fruits and fruit-peels exhibit different biological and medicinal properties. Similarly. Curr Med Chem Anticancer Agents. Mar;5(2) Medicinal properties of neem leaves: a review. Subapriya R(1), Nagini S. Author information. Recently, science has started to back up what Indians have known for a long time — it really does contain compounds with medicinal properties.

    properties Medicinal

    Most important, aggregation and insolu-. Further, these results imply that. TheLPO, xanthine oxidase enzyme lev els. The superoxidase dismutase and catalase enzyme activities of curcumin.

    Curcumin cotreatment seems to. Cardiotoxicity is one of the major problems associated with administration of many chemothera-. V enkatesan examined the protective effect of curcumin on acute Adriamycin. ADR myocardial toxicity in rats.

    ADR toxicity , induced by a single intraperitoneal injection The levels of the LPO. These results suggest that curcumin inhibits ADR cardiotoxicity and. The third and fourth groups received FE or FD supplemented with Treatment with curcumin pre vented both the pathological and the. Because endotoxin and the Kupffer cell are implicated. Curcumin block ed endotoxin-mediated activation of. During liver injury, quiescent. HSC, the most relevant cell type, become acti ve and proliferative.

    Oxidativ e stress is a major and. These results provided a nov el insight. Recently, Van der Logt et al. Cyclophosphamide causes lung injury in rats through its ability to generate free radicals with subse-. V enkatesan and Chandrakasan examined the. In order to observe the protective. Prior to cyclophosphamide intoxication, curcumin was administered orally daily.

    At v arious times 2, 3, 5, and 7 d after insult , serum and lung samples were analyzed for. The lavage cells were examined for. LPO and glutathione content. Excised lungs were analyzed for antioxidant enzyme levels. Increased le vels of LPO and decreased. Serum A CE activity increased, which coincided with the decrease in lung tissue levels.

    Activities of antioxidant enzymes were reduced with time in the lungs of cyclophosphamide-treated. Therefore, the study indicated that curcumin is. In another study, Venkatesan et al. BLM -induced lung injury. The data indicated that BLM-mediated lung injury resulted in increases. In addition, it restored the antioxidant. These data suggested that curcumin treatment reduces the development of.

    Therefore, curcumin offers the potential for a. A single intratracheal instillation of BLM 0. Paraquat PQ , a broad-spectrum herbicide, can cause lung injury in humans and animals. V enkatesan showed that curcumin confers remarkable protection against PQ-induced lung. In addition, PQ caused a decrease. Interestingly, curcumin pre vented the general toxicity and mortality induced by PQ and. They ev aluated the protective effects. Lung toxicity was induced by subcutaneous injection of nicotine at a dose of 2.

    They also showed that curcumin exerts its protecti ve effect against nicotine-induced lung. The enhanced level of tissue lipid peroxides in nicotine-treated rats was. Nephrotoxicity is another problem observed in patients given chemotherapeutic agents. V enkatesan, ; V enkatesan et al. Treatment with curcumin markedly protected against ADR-induced pro-.

    Similarly , curcumin inhibited ADR-. It restored renal function in ADR-treated rats, as judged. The data also demonstrated that curcumin. In like manner, curcumin abolished ADR-. These data suggest that administration of. Keloid and hypertrophic scars commonly occur after injuries. Curcumin seemed to ha ve potent effects in inhibiting.

    Reports showed that curcumin could prevent and impro ve experimental colitis. Curcumin also reduced the levels of NO and O 2 — associated with. DNB sulfonic acid—induced murine model of colitis. When given before the induction of colitis,. W estern blotting analysis revealed a repro-. Furthermore, the above workers. Thus they concluded that curcumin attenuates experimental colitis through a mech-.

    They proposed that this agent may have therapeutic implications for human IBD. The immunosuppressive effects of curcumin were studied in rat. The combination of curcumin and. The study demonstrates that. Madan and Ghosh have demonstrated that curcumin exerts protecti ve effects in high-dose. Based on these studies, Gukovsky et al. The most common mutation, DeltaF, results in the production.

    Curcumin is a nontoxic Ca-adenosine triphosphatase pump inhibitor that can be. These effects were not observed in mice homozygous for a complete knockout of the CFTR gene. Thus, curcumin treatment may be able to. Numerous studies have been performed on the biotransformation of curcumin T able Thus, curcumin—glucuronide, dihydrocurcumin—glucuronide, tetrahydrocurcumin—glucuronide, and. Since the systemic bioavailability of curcumin is low , its pharmacological activity may be.

    T o investigate this possibility , Iresson et al. Chromatographic inferences were corroborated by mass spectrometry. In rats, in vivo , curcumin administered i. The major products of curcumin biotransformation. T o test the hypothesis that curcumin metabolites resemble their progenitor in. PGE2 production in human colonic epithelial cells. Curcumin reduced PGE2 levels to preinduction. PGE2 inhibitory activity , and hexahydrocurcuminol was inactive.

    The results suggested that 1 the. Curcumin has very poor bioavailability. In A yurveda, black pepper Piper nigrum , long pepper. In this study , the effect of combining piperine, a known inhibitor. Concomitant administration of piperine. Animal Route Dose Remarks Refs. At 1 h, intestine, spleen, liver, and kidne y are , 26,. Chandrashekara, None in urine; conjugated glucuronides and sulfates.

    Biotransformed to curcumin glucuronide, and sulfate. Human Oral 2 g Serum level not detectable Sobha et al. Serum levels peaked at 1—2 h and declined at 12 h. On the other hand, in humans, after a. The study sho ws that in the dosages used, piperine. In the studies by Kumar et al. Microspheres were prepared by emulsion—solvent evaporation method coupled with chemical cross-.

    As much as of In vitr o release studies. IV were quite potent against multiresistant microorganisms. These bioconjugates served dual. In total, 12 patients with hepatic metastases from. The levels of curcumin and its metabolites in portal and peripheral blood, bile, and. While curcumin was not found in liver tissue, trace le vels of products of its metabolic reduction.

    The results suggest that doses of. For e xample, Deodar et al. These investig ators reported that curcumin was well tolerated, had no side. CAU at a dose of mg three times a day for 12 weeks. Of 53 patients enrolled, 32 completed. They were divided into two groups: The patients in both the groups started improving. All the patients who recei ved curcumin alone improved, whereas the.

    None of the patients reported any side effects. The lack of side ef fects with curcumin is its. A double blind multicenter clinical trial of this. They studied 46 male patients between the ages of 15 and 68 years. After the hernia operation, spermatic cord edema and. Either curcumin mg or placebo mg lactose or phenylb utazone. Curcumin was found to be quite safe, and phenylbutazone and curcumin produced a better anti-.

    A dose of mg of curcumin per day for 7 d. The results suggest curcumin as a chemopreventi ve. Two dropped out; 23 were randomized to high-dose group four capsules; four. Study Patient s Dose Comments Ref. Double blind, 18 pts. Phase I x3 months Clinical studies with curcumin in human subjects.

    They were followed up for a period of 2 yr at three-monthly intervals. Fi ve patients completed the. In the remaining patient, the swelling re gressed com-. No side effect was noted in any patient, and.

    Thus curcumin could be used as a safe and effecti ve drug in the treatment. This prospective phase I study e valuated curcumin in patients with one of. Curcumin was taken orally for 3 months. If no toxicity of grade II or higher was noted in at least three. The concentration of curcumin in serum and urine was determined by high-pressure liquid chro-. A total of 25 patients were enrolled in this study. There was no treatment-. The serum concentration of curcumin usually peaked at 1 to 2 h.

    The average peak serum concen-. Urinary e xcretion of curcumin was undetectable. In contrast, histologic improvement of precancerous lesions. In conclusion, this study demonstrated. These results also suggested a biologic effect of curcumin in the chemoprev ention of cancer.

    A novel standardized turmeric extract in proprietary capsule. Fifteen patients with advanced colorectal cancer refractory to standard. The acti vity of GST and levels. Oral turmeric e xtract was well tolerated, and. Neither curcumin nor its metabolites were detected in. At higher dose levels, this effect was not observed.

    M 1 G levels were constant within each patient and unaffected by treatment. Fifteen patients with advanced colorectal cancer refractory to standard chemotherapies. Levels of curcumin and its metabolites in plasma, urine, and feces were analyzed by HPLC. Three biomarkers of the potential activity of curcumin were translated from.

    GST activity , levels of deoxygua-. Curcumin and its glucuronide and sulfate metabolites were detected in. A daily dose of 3. A daily oral dose of 3. PGE 2 production in blood and target tissue. Levels of curcumin and its metabolites in the urine can be used.

    In total, 12 patients with hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer. Patients with colorectal cancer ingested curcumin capsules 3,, 1,, or Biopsy samples of normal and malignant colorectal tissue, respectively , were.

    Blood was taken 1 h after the. Curcumin and its metabolites were detected and quantitated by high-perfor-. Curcumin sulfate and curcumin. Trace le vels of curcumin were found in. M 1 G levels were 2. Administration of curcumin mg decreased M 1 G le vels from 4. A Phase I study of curcumin for the chemoprevention of colon cancer has recently been. This study aimed at deter -. Natural curcumin contains three major curcuminoids, namely curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and.

    These include 6- and 8-gingerol, 6-paradol, cassumunin, galangals, diarylhep-. Like curcumin, gingerol, paradol, cas-. Y akuchinones have been shown to be more potent. Analogues Source T arget Refs. Cassumunin A and B Ginger Z. Diarylheptanoids Ginger Zingiber sps. For structure of these analogues, see Figure Garcinol is more potent than curcumin in inhibiting tumor cells.

    The anticancer potential of galangals, howe ver, is comparable to that of curcumin. Curcumin has been shown to be more cytotoxic than isoeugenol, bis-eugenol,. Commercial curcumin isolated from the rhizome of Curcuma longa Linn.

    Commercial curcumin, pure curcumin, and demethoxycurcumin are. Besides curcumin, se veral. Tetrahydrocurcumin, an antioxidati ve substance, which is derived from cur-. They demonstrated the ability of this no vel compound.

    Overexpression of constitutively acti ve. Using an in vitro SVR assay , Robinson et al. Based on a simple pharmacoph-. They observed that the curcumin analog. The effect was comparable with that of.

    They proposed that the hydroxyl group in the aromatic ring is responsible for the. This nov el anticancer prodrug has the potential to target the telomerase sequence. The antitumor properties of metal chelates of synthetic curcuminoids John et al. Copper chelates of synthetic curcuminoids showed enhanced antitumor activity.

    HC potently inhibited the proliferation of. They found analogs that are more. It is related to the overexpression of a membrane protein, P-glycoprotein Pgp-.

    They found that all the three curcuminoids inhibited. MDR-1 gene expression, and bisdemethoxycurcumin produced maximum effect. Treatment of drug resistant KB-V1 cells with curcumin increased. In a recent study, Selv am et al. Molecular docking studies re vealed that. This approach would help. T ricyclic derivati ves 2,6-bis Kalpana and Menon showed that curcumin and its analogs inhibited nicotine-mediated.

    In this study , nicotine was injected. Catenin presents two different facets. One aspect is that it contributes to the cell—cell adhesion in. The other aspect is that it possesses transcriptional activity in coop-. Howe ver, there exist fe w -catenin inhibitors and one of them is aspirin. Synthetic curcumin analogs inhibited complex formations between Fos-Jun heterodimer and. These curcumin analogs have.

    Curcumin analogs downregulated the expression of MMP-9 gelatinase-B , cor -. T o elucidate which portion of the molecule is critical for the activity , a large number of structural. Some analogues are more activ e than native curcumin,.

    T onnesen et al. It was found that the phenolic analogues were more active than the nonphenolic analogues. The highest antioxidant activity was obtained when the phenolic group was. Curcumin shows both antioxidant and. Dinkova—K ostova showed that the presence of hydroxyl groups at the ortho position on the.

    Curcumin is a noncompetitive. The aromatic enone and dienone analogs of curcumin have been demonstrated to hav e. All evidences accumulated so far clearly indicate that curcumin protects against cancer , cardiovas-. This drug has also shown prev entive as. Copper chelates of 2-hydroxynapthyl curcumin: BAECs proliferation Shim et al. Pyrazole and isoxazole analogues: Cox-2 inhibitory activity Selvam et al.

    AL acti vity Gomes et al. TP A-induced mouse ear edema and skin carcinogenesis Dinkova-koztov a and Talalay , Manganese complexes of curcumin and diacetylcurcumin: V ajragupta et al.

    Several of the studies establishing. Further testing of curcumin in humans is underway. A clinical development plan for using curcumin to treat cancer was. Studies also show that in countries such as India, which consume. Ho w curcumin produces its therapeutic effects is not fully understood, but they are. Deaths Cases Deaths Cases. Showing cases per 1 million persons calculated on the basis of current consensus:. Edometrial cancers include Cervix uteri and Corpus uteri. Pharmacol Res 39 1 , 41—47, Protective effects of chlorogenic acid, curcumin and beta-carotene.

    Mutat Res 3 , —, EF24, a novel synthetic curcumin analog, induces apoptosis in cancer cells via a redox-. Anticancer Drugs 16 3 , —, Br J Cancer 71 1 , 64—68, Anticancer potential of curcumin: Anticancer Res 23 1A , —, Inhibition of growth and survival of. Int J Cancer 5 , —, Pro-oxidant, anti-oxidant and cleavage acti vities on DNA. Carcinogenesis 23 1 , —, Pharmacol 64 4 , —, Cruz 94 6 , —, Synthite Industrial Chemicals www.

    American N u trition. Imm u ne S u pport. Imm u nes u pport. Si g ma Aldrich. Curcumin is an in vivo inhibitor of angiogenesis. Mol Med 4 6 , —, F oods Hum Nutr 57 1 , 41—52, Dietary curcuminoids pre vent high-fat diet-induced lipid accumulation in rat liver. J Nutr 11 , —, T ,, Thiviyanathan, V. Curcumin-glutathione interactions and the role of human glutathione S-transferase P Biol Interact 1 , 19—38, Am J Clin Nutr 64 5 ,.

    Chemopreventive effect of turmeric against stomach and skin tumors induced. Nutr Cancer 17 1 , 77—83, Int J Cancer 51 3 , —, Adjuvant chemoprevention of experimental cancer: J Ethnopharmacol 44 3 , —, Mol Cell Biochem 1 , 13—21, Hypolipidemic action of curcumin, the active principle of turmeric Curcuma.

    Mol Cell Biochem 1—2 , —, J Biol Chem 49 , —, Cyclin D1 is a nuclear protein required for. Genes Dev 7 5 , —, Control of oncogenesis and cancer therapy resistance by the transcription factor NF-kappaB.

    J Clin Invest 3 , —, Biochem J Pt 3 , —, Res Virol 1 , 43—52, Cyclin D1 protein expression and. Int J Cancer 57 3 , —, J Biol Chem , 8 , —, Determination of acidity constants of curcumin in aqueous solution and apparent rate constant of. Curcumin Diferuloylmethane Inhibits Constitutive and Inter -.

    J Immunol In press ,. Curcumin diferuloylmethane inhibits constitutive and IL J Immunol 7 , —, Curcumin diferuloylmethane downregulates the. Blood In press , Curcumin diferuloylmethane down-regulates the. Blood 3 , —, Blood 8 , —, Curcumin mediated apoptosis in.

    AK-5 tumor cells involves the production of reacti ve oxygen intermediates. FEBS Lett 2 ,. Nutr Cancer 38 1 , —, The dietary pigment curcumin reduces endothelial tissue factor gene expression by. Thr omb Haemost 77 4 ,. Curcumin putatively stabilizes the interaction between the nucleotide-binding and phos-. Eur J Bioc hem 23 , —, Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2 , —, Curcumin induces apoptosis in human melanoma cells through a Fas.

    Exp Cell Res 2 , —, Cancer Lett 1 , 33—38, Prognostic role of c yclin D1 in lung cancer. Curcumin blocks HIV protease inhibitor. J Am Coll Surg 6 , —,.

    Anethole blocks both early and late cellular. Oncogene 19 25 , —, Inhibition of tumor necrosis factor by curcumin, a phytochemical. Biochem Pharmacol 49 11 ,. Inhibition of gro wth and sensitization. Physiol 1 , 63—70, Ef fects of three dietary phytochemicals from tea, rosemary and turmeric. Cancer Lett 96 1 , 23—29, In vivo inhibition of nitric oxide synthase gene expression.

    Treated Human Hepatoma G2 Cells. Ann N Y Acad Sci , —, J Cell Biochem 89 1 , 1—5, Curcumin inhibits cell proliferation by interfering with. Anticancer Res 19 5A , —,. Effect of curcumin on cell cycle progression and apoptosis in vascular smooth. Br J Pharmacol 6 , —, Mol Pharmacol 65 1 , 99—, Anticancer Res 17 4A ,. AP-1 mediated signal transduction in thrombin-. Chin Med J Engl 6 , —,. Induction of HSP70 gene expression by modulation of. Mol Carcinog 17 4 ,. Oncogene 17 2 , —, Mol Pharmacol 56 6 , —, Oncogene 23 8 , —, Phase I clinical trial of curcumin, a chemopre ventive agent, in patients.

    Anticancer Res 21 4B , —, Photochem Photobiol 59 3 , —, Curcumin induces apoptosis in human breast. FEBS Lett 1—3 , —, Inhibition by curcumin of diethylnitrosamine-induced. Chem T oxicol 38 11 , —5, Basal levels and patterns.

    Biochem Pharmacol 63 9 , —,. Curcumin enhances the immunosuppressi ve activity. T ransplant Proc 35 4 ,. Effects of yakuchinone A and yakuchinone B. J Environ P athol T oxicol Oncol 21 2 , —, Curcumin inhibits phorbol ester-. Carcinogenesis 24 9 , —, Mutat Res 1—2 , 49—57, Effect of curcumin on the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Biochem Pharmacol 56 2 ,. Curcumin inhibits acti vation of Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cells by phosphoantigens and induces.

    J Immunol 6 ,. Car cinogenesis 22 5 , —, Uber Curcumin, den Farbstoff der Curcumawurzel. Ber 3, , Preliminary study on antirheumatic activity of curcumin diferuloyl. Indian J Med Res 71, —, Cancer Lett 1 ,. Bis-1,7- 2-hydroxyphenyl -hepta-1,6-diene-3,5-dione a. Pharmacol Res 46 1 , 39—45, F aseb J 17 3 , —, Prevention of ischaemia-induced biochemical changes.

    Indian J Med Res , 31—35, Relation of structure of curcumin analogs to their potencies as inducers. Carcinogenesis 20 5 , —, Therapeutic potential of curcumin in human. Curcumin inhibits proliferation, induces apoptosis, and inhibits angiogenesis of. LNCaP prostate cancer cells in vivo. Pr ostate 47 4 , —, Therapeutic potential of curcumin in human prostate cancer.

    Urol 4 1 , 1—6, J Pharm Pharmacol 45 8 , ,. Overe xpression of cyclin D1 is. Clin Cancer Res 6 5 , —, Cell Calcium 31 1 , 45—52,. Science , —, The inhibitory effect of curcumin, genistein, quercetin and cisplatin on the growth. Anticancer Res 20 3A , —, J Biol Chem 26 , —, Membrane-type matrix metalloproteinases mediate. Carcinogenesis 23 6 , —70, Inhibition of 5-hydroxy-eicosatetraenoic acid 5-HETE forma-. Prostaglandins Leukot Med 22 3 , —, Can mosaic tumor vessels facilitate molecular diagnosis of cancer?

    CO X-2 and colon cancer: Biochem 77 S34 , 97—, Aging 22 6 , —, Cytotoxicity, R OS-generation activity and radical-. Anticancer Res 24 2B , —, Curr Pharm Des 11 3 , —,. Biologic evaluation of curcumin and structural deriv atives in cancer chemoprevention. Phytochemistry 65 21 , —, Consumption of the putative chemopreventi ve agent curcumin by cancer patients:. Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 14 1 , —, Detection of curcumin and its metabolites in hepatic tissue and portal blood of patients.

    Br J Cancer 90 5 , —, Biochem Pharmacol 55 8 , — In vitro studies on chemoprotective effect of Purnark against benzo a pyrene-. Cell Biol Int 18 1 , 21—27, Constituti ve activation of NF-kappaB causes resistance to apoptosis in human. Autocrine role of tumor necrosis factor and reacti ve oxygen. J Biol Chem 22 , —, Cancer Lett 2 , —, Synthetic deriv atives of curcumin. Arzneimittelforschung 52 2 , —, Sensitive mark ers used to identify compounds.

    T oxicol Sci 65 2 , —, Curcumin ameliorates ethanol and. Overexpression of cyclin D1 is rare in human prostate carcinoma. Prostate 38 1 ,. Curcuma longa inhibits TNF-alpha induced expression of adhesion molecules on. Int J Immunopharmacol 21 11 , —, New and known symmetrical curcumin. Cancer Lett 1 , 89—96, Curcumin causes the gro wth arrest and.

    Clin Immunol 93 2 , —, J Biochem Mol Biol 35 3 ,. J Biol Chem 13 , —, Curcumin, a natural plant phenolic food additive, inhibits cell. J Lab Clin Med 6 , —, Role of glutathione S-transferase P1, P-glycoprotein.

    Int J Cancer 92 6 ,. Chemoprevention of breast cancer in rats by. Cancer Res 60 8 , —, Inhibition of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase by curcumin. Mol Carcinog 33 3 , —, Increased e xpression of cyclooxygenase 2 occurs frequently in human.

    Cancer Res 58 17 , —, Curcumin inhibits interleukin 8 production and enhances interleukin 8 receptor. Cancer 95 6 , —, The metabolism and excretion of curcumin 1,7-bis- 4-hydroxy-. Xenobiotica 8 12 , —, Cell Motil Cytoskeleton 58 4 , —68, A 2 , cyclooxygenases and 5-lipoxygenase. Carcinogenesis 25 9 , —, Curcumin inhibits tyrosine kinase activity of pneu and also. Clin Cancer Res 5 7 , —, Curcumin enhances cytotoxicity of.

    Pr ostate 51 3 , —, JNK activ ation is required for JB6 cell transformation induced by. J Biol Chem 42 ,. Eur J Pharmacol 2—3 , —, Cancer Lett 64 2 , —, Inhibitory ef fects of dietary. Cancer Res 54 22 ,. Carcinogenesis 19 9 , —, Inhibitory ef fects of curcumin.

    Cancer Res 51 3 ,. Effects of curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin and tetrahydrocurcumin on O-. Carcinogenesis 16 10 , —, Carcino genesis 18 1 , 83—88,. Inhibitory effects of curcumin on tumorigenesis in mice. Biochem Suppl 27, 26—34, Inhibitory effect of curcumin, chlorogenic acid,.

    Cancer Res 48 21 , —, Inhibitory effects of curcumin. Carcinogenesis 13 11 ,. Effect on curcumin on cholesterol gall-stone induction in mice. J Med Res 96, —, Biliary proteins from hepatic bile of rats fed curcumin or capsaicin.

    Indian J Biochem Biophys 31 5 ,. Re gulation of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 expression by. IL-4 and TNF-alpha in cultured endothelial cells. J Clin Invest 95 1 , —, Anticancer Res 21 5 , —, Prevention of radiation-induced mammary tumors. Chemoprevention by curcumin during the promotion stage of tumorigenesis of mammary gland in.

    Carcinogenesis 20 6 , —, Potent preventive action of curcumin on radiation-induced initiation of mammary tumorigenesis in. Carcinogenesis 21 10 , —, Characterization of metabolites of the chemopreven-.

    Cancer Res 61 3 , —,. Metabolism of the cancer chemopreventive agent curcumin in human and rat. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 11 1 , —, Bioorg Med Chem 10 11 , —, Enhancing effect of ultraviolet A. Dermatology 4 , —, Peroxynitrite interaction with curcumin solubilized in ethanolic solution. Mol Biol Noisy-le-grand 50 6 , —, Beta-catenin-mediated transactivation and cell-cell.

    Oncogene 21 55 , —, A curcuminoid and sesquiterpenes as inhibitors of macrophage TNF-. Planta Med 67 6 , —, Glutathione-independent mechanism of apoptosis inhibition by curcumin in rat thymocytes.

    Pharmacol 56 8 , —, Apoptosis-like, re versible changes in plasma membrane asymmetry and perme-. FEBS Lett 3 , —, Apoptosis-independent alterations in membrane dynamics. Curcumin induces a pdependent apoptosis. J Invest Dermatol 4 , —, Preventiv e and therapeutic effects. Gastroenter ol 11 12 , —, Strangely enough the seeds made into a tea have been used for centuries as a contraceptive. Applied with honey, the leaves cleanse running sores or ulcers.

    Carrots are also supposed to help break wind and remove stitches in the side. Chewing a carrot immediately after food kills all the harmful germs in the mouth. It cleans the teeth, removes the food particles lodged in the crevices and prevents bleeding of the gums and tooth decay.

    Carrot soup is supposed to relieve diarrhoea and help with tonsillitis. In days gone by they grated raw carrot and gave it to children to expel worms. Pulped carrot is used as a cataplasm for application to ulcers and sores.

    They were also supposed to improve your memory abilities and relieve nervous tension. Visit the Wild Carrot page. Queen Annes Lace the Wild Carrot was also considered toxic. The leaves contain furocoumarins that may cause allergic contact dermatitis from the leaves, especially when wet. Later exposure to the sun may cause mild photodermatitis. Wild Carrot seed is also an early abortifacient, historically, sometimes used as a natural "morning after" contraceptive tea.

    Queen Annes Lace has long been used because of its contraceptive properties. Read more about contraception caution this page contains items which may not be suitable for minors It has since been scientifically proven that the carrot seed extract, if given orally at the correct dosage from day 4 to 6 post-coitum, effectively inhibits implantation.

    Pliny the Elder suggested that it was used as a love potion, guaranteed to be effective, and Galen goes so far as to claim that it actually "procures lust. As the carrot was improved it found its way into medicine chests as well as stew pots. Both Gerard and Culpeper recommend the carrot for numerous ills.

    Culpeper says that the carrot is influenced by Mercury, the god of wind, and that a tea made from the dried leaves should dispel wind from the bowels and relieve dropsy, kidney stones, and women's complaints. Experimentally hypoglycemic, a tea made from Queen Annes Lace was believed to help maintain low blood sugar levels in humans, but it had no effect on diabetes artificially induced in animals.

    Wild carrot tea has been recommended for bladder and kidney ailment, dropsy, gout, gravel; seeds are recommended for calculus, obstructions of the viscera internal organs , dropsy, jaundice, scurvy. Carrots of one form or another were once served at every meal for liver derangements; now we learn that they may upset the liver.

    Medicinally the Carrot was used as a diuretic, stimulant, in the treatment of dropsy, flatulence, chronic coughs, dysentery, windy colic, chronic renal diseases and a host of other uses. Eating carrots is also good for allergies, aneamia, rheumatism, tonic for the nervous system.

    Everyo ne knows they can improve eye health; But it does not stop there the delicious carrot is good for diarrhoea, constipation very high in fibre , intestinal inflammation, cleansing the blood a liver tonic , an immune system tonic. Carrot is traditionally recommended to weak, sickly or rickety children, to convalescents or pregnant women, its anti-aneamic properties having been famous for a long time.

    Tea made the seeds can promote the onset of menstruation. Carrots also help in stimulating milk flow during lactation.

    Believe it or not the carrot is also effective against roundworms and dandruff. Pureed carrots are good for babies with diarrhoea, providing essential nutrients and natural sugars.

    Scientists have given us another reason to eat carrots - Falcarinol a compound found in the popular root vegetable has been found to have an effect on the development of cancer. Anthelmintic destroying or expelling worms. Diuretic promoting the discharge of urine. Emmenagogue producing oils which stimulate the flow of menstrual blood.

    Galactogogue promoting the secretion of milk. Ophthalmic pertaining to the eye. Nutritional analysis of grams of uncooked carrot can be found at the USDA nutritional database - for the full USDA nutritional analysis click here. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. A simple chart for the average carrot More detailed analysis Carrots Daucus carota , Fresh, raw, Nutrition value per g.

    Meeting your Vitamin A requirement from beta carotene is easy: Eat a handful of baby carrots and you've done it! Six ounces of carrot juice made from two medium-sized carrots supplies a whopping 28 mg. Read all about the wonders of Carrot Juice on the recipes pages. Click here to go there. One pound of carrots will make approximately six to eight ounces of carrot juice. Recommended dietary allowances - Vitamin A is the name for a group of compounds which have the biological activity of retinol.

    Vitamin A is measured in retinol equivalents RE which allows the different forms of vitamin A to be compared. One retinol equivalent equals 1 mcg of retinol or 6 mcg of beta carotene. Your daily requirements The Food and Nutrition Committee of the National Research Council has established a scale for the minimum daily requirement of vitamin A as follows: It is impossible to determine, with any degree of scientific accuracy, what the daily requirement is for any individual under varying physical conditions, and how much of the vitamin A intake the body is able to absorb at any given time due to metabolic conditions or other factors.

    Cooked carrots are rated at 49 in the Glycaemic Index, the scale invented to help in the treatment of diabetes, and which is used to measure the rate at which blood sugar levels rise when a particular carbohydrate bearing food is ingested.

    Lower level GI foods, those below 50 are seen as best , are more complex and hence digested more slowly, ensuring a longer feeling of satiety, longer term energy maintenance and keeping blood sugar levels constant. That same pound can produce 1 ounce and 11 grains of sugar. A pound also contains 14 ounces of water.

    Like homeopathy, the Doctrine of Signatures rests on the belief that all living things are interconne cted by an energetic force: It can go by many names. In simple terms, the "Doctrine of Signatures" is the idea that God has marked everything He created with a sign signature. The sign was an indication of the purpose for the creation of the item. His book espoused a spiritual philosophy; however it soon was adopted for its medical application. The Doctrine states that, by observation, one can determine from the colour of the flowers or roots, the shape of the leaves, the place of growing, or other signatures, what the plant's purpose was in God's plan Paracelsus, a physician, mystic and alchemist in the sixteenth century was a famous proponent of the Doctrine of Signatures.

    He, like others of his time, believed that the microcosm man was a reflection of the macrocosm the universe: This meant that each person was a reflection of everything external including the stars and the planets. Any imbalance in man manifesting as disease symptoms would have to be corrected by a substance or element in nature, balancing the universe within the man.

    Paraclesus used the Doctrine of Signature to understand the healing properties of plants. This method of understanding the healing properties of the plant is based on the plants distinct characteristics such as growth, colour, shape, scent, or taste. The Doctrine of Signatures was highly developed during the European Renaissance. This interest paralleled the widespread belief in an overall unity of Nature The word "signature" is a duplet, or two-part word derived from the two words "sign" and "nature", or Signs of Nature.

    Ancient p eople saw patterns in certain whole foods that resembled parts of the human body and used them to choose specific foods for specific health. For example, a sliced carrot with its radiating lines looks like the pupil and iris of the human eye. That is the "signature" of a carrot. The ancients equated that to mean that carrots are good for the eyes. Recent research has confirmed this scientifically. Also in the 18th century people ate orange carrots to cure icterus jaundice because of the colour of its root.

    Ictersu causes a yellowing of the white of the eye. Jaundice is often seen in liver disease such as hepatitis or liver cancer. It may also indicate leptospirosis or obstruction of the biliary tract, for example by gallstones or pancreatic cancer, or less commonly be congenital in origin e.

    Curcumin - Biological and medicinal properties

    Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice. It has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Modern science has now confirmed. In-vitro and in-vivo studies from different parts of the world have demonstrated numerous beneficial medicinal effects of Cinnamomum. Medicinal plants, also called medicinal herbs, have been discovered and used in traditional . However, development of plants or extracts having potential medicinal uses is blunted by weak scientific evidence, poor practices in the process of.

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    Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice. It has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Modern science has now confirmed.

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