Pure and Organic CBD & and Hemp Products

Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Juice Kore Organic™ Blueberry Vape Mist –



  • Juice Kore Organic™ Blueberry Vape Mist –
  • 2-Pyrrolidone (2-Pyrol™ solvent)
  • Pomegranate Berry Smoothie
  • Kore vape is a tasty & fun way to get your daily dose of CBD. Kore uses the perfect split of VG & PG to blow those amazing clouds you desire while maintaining. Kore Organic™ Vape Juice – Ananas Pineapple Ananis Pineapple, Bombay Mango or Blueberry Mist) & sit back and enjoy the therapeutic benifits of CBD. Instructions: Add to your favorite e-juice vessel or vape on its own. Contains Zero THC. Kore Organic™ Vape Juice – Blueberry Mist. $

    Juice Kore Organic™ Blueberry Vape Mist –

    A liquid product, Advantage defoamers can be easily dispersed. The addition of Advantage defoamers results in low foaming solutions or pastes with low entrained-air content. Architectural Paints Specialty and Industrial Coatings. Advantage AM-series foam control agents help manufacturers minimize entrained air and resultant foam during the manufacture and application of paints and coatings.

    Advantage AV defoamers are designed to deliver comparable performance to conventional mineral oil-based workhorse products, while reducing the impact on our environment.

    Dairy Whipped toppings and desserts. It is extremely surface-active and its low surface and interfacial tensions in solution make it a premier whipping aid. It is easily dissolved in cold or hot water, resulting in clear solutions. Agrimax C is soluble in glycerol, but insoluble in many organic solvents.

    It also has good solubility in hydro-alcohol systems with up to 60 percent alcohol. The Agrimax C grades are highly surface active with low surface and interfacial tensions of solutions. They are thermoplastic, extrudable and film-forming. Differentiated by their viscosity, they have thickening, stabilization and water-retention properties. They are film-forming and exhibit thermo-gelling behavior.

    Each grade is surface active with low surface and interfacial tensions of solutions. Like the Agrimax C Series methyl cellulose grades, the Agrimax C Series grades are free-flowing powders soluble in cold water. Featuring thickening, stabilization and water-retention properties, they are film-forming and exhibit thermo-gelling behavior. Agrimax C is water swellable. The Agrimax C series are free-flowing anionic powders soluble in both cold and hot water.

    They have thickening, stabilizing, dispersing, binding and water-retention properties. Agrimax GR is comprised of natural, water-soluble polysaccharides. Agrimax GR , a hydroxypropyl guar, is a cold-water-soluble polysaccharide derivative that is easily dispersed and provides high viscosity at low concentrations. Both grades can be used in suspended concentrates, suspo-emulsions, soluble powders, wettable powders and water-dispersible granules.

    They are recommended for use in adjuvants, in seed coatings and in emulsion stabilization. Crosslinked, Agrimer AT and ATF polymers have high capillary hydration capacity, which provide for high-efficiency disintegration in tablets and granules. Stable under acidic and alkaline conditions, it is a premium disintegrant for WDG and tablets, and an excellent dry binder in seed coatings. Agrimer PA is best used as a soil conditioner or polymeric codispersant.

    Allantoin, a white colorless crystalline powder, is well known skin and oral mucosa protectant. The United States U. Applications color cosmetics leave-on skin care sun care.

    They function as wetting agents and can replace isopropyl alcohol in some systems. Ambergum polymers are produced from reliable and stable raw material sources. When used in fountain solutions, they can help prevent emulsification, bleeding of the ink and can provide more uniform wetting of the printing plate.

    They are recommended to fine-tune the anti-sagging properties, workability and consistency of dry mortars such as tile cements, plasters and renders and to increase the yield and water demand of these systems. The size distribution of the emulsion is such that 90 percent of the particles are less than 0.

    Antara Polectron polymer is a highly effective opacifier. Antara Polectron polymer is thermally and mechanically stable in the presence of a variety of ionic compounds. Polectron polymer is sold as Antara polymer in Europe and Asia Pacific. Skin and Sun Care Oil and Gas. Antaron polymer is provided under the name of Ganex polymer in North America. Applications sun care leave-on skin care color cosmetics. Skin and Sun Care Hair Care.

    They have been shown to be compatible and to maintain unsurpassed finished product clarity with a wide variety of both anionic and amphoteric surfactant blends. Finished product clarity may be achieved even at relatively high use levels.

    AquaCat solutions are supplied as ready-to-use, 10 percent nominal solids, clear liquid, odor-free solutions, requiring no heat or pH adjustment. Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride and Polyquaternium It is useful for water-based drilling fluids as well as in low-density brines.

    It is white to off-white in color and has a faint acetic acid-like odor and a barely detectable taste. AquaSolve HPMCAS is available in several grades for pharmaceutical applications varying in extent of substitution of acetyl and succinoyl groups, and in two particle sizes fine or granular. The amphiphilic nature, high glass transition temperature Tg and low viscosity in various solvents of this polymer are some of the unique properties that make it ideal for use in spray-dried dispersion formulations.

    For aqueous film-coating purposes, a dispersion of HPMCAS fine powder and a plasticizer such as triethyl citrate in water is commonly used. Organic solvents are also vehicles for applying this polymer as a film coating. Other pharmaceutical applications include its use alone or in combination with other soluble or insoluble binders in the preparation of granules with sustained drug-release properties, where the release rate is pH-dependent.

    It has a new process to deliver a low odor alternative Acrylates Copolymer and Water. It delivers excellent high-humidity curl retention with good curl memory. It leaves a visible shine on hair. This polymer does not require neutralization. Aquaflex SF polymer, a terpolymer of vinylcaprolactam, vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylaminopropyl methacrylamide, is a fixative and styling polymer that can be formulated at all VOC levels.

    It offers medium hold, has good sprayability and high propellant compatibility. In addition, in hair care, when used with typical thickeners, Aquaflex XL polymer provides synergistic high-humidity curl retention.

    Finishes and Stains Architectural Paints. XLS stands for "eXceptional Leveling and Sag resistance" and the breakthrough is hard-to-achieve balance of sag-resistance with the superior leveling of characteristic NSAT thickeners. In all waterborne latex paints, Aquaflow XLS offers painters a virtually drip-free application.

    Applied hiding is often enhanced due to the superior flow and leveling that helps to eliminate brush marks. Viscosity retention on tinting is typically improved with XLS in paints that are post-tinted with universal colorant systems. Tinted paint viscosity is more predictable and the superior sag resistance is retained, even after deep tinting. These easy-to-handle liquids build rheology in paints and coatings through self-association and interaction with other ingredients.

    Aquaflow rheology modifiers are based on hydrophobically-modified polyacetal-polyether HM-PAPE chemistry and are designed to function as a drop-in replacement for urethane-type HEUR thickeners.

    Ceramics Textiles Oil and Gas. The many important functions provided by this polymer make it a preferred thickener, suspending aid, stabilizer, binder and film-former in a growing variety of applications. The wide range of viscosity and substitution types available for the highly purified grades and the less highly purified technical grades of CMC continues to expand the uses for this product.

    Many of applications do not require the use of the highly purified grade, and a technical grade of CMC is available for certain applications. Ashland's chemists and engineers continue to tailor-make various grades and types to meet the needs of specific customers and industries requiring water-soluble polymers. Aqualon Blanose, Bondwell sodium carboxymethylcellulose CMC is utilized in multiple markets including adhesives and sealants, advanced ceramics, building and construction, ceramics, pottery and porcelain, commercial and institutional, housewares and consumer, medical, metal castings and foundry, mining and extraction, pulp and paper, textiles and tobacco.

    Ashland provides cellulose gum under the trade names Aqualon, Blanose and Bondwell depending on the region in which we serve you. Add Aqualon aqueous binders for effective anode slurry preparation and graphite binding Aqualon carboxy methyl cellulose CMC products perform as both aqueous binders and rheology modifiers.

    These CMC products are typically used in conjunction with styrene butadiene SB latex to improve the binding strength of the active graphite on the copper collector. SB alone cannot generate slurry stability for the graphite powder. The CMCs improve the rheology characteristics and allow sufficient coating of the copper foil at high speeds, ensuring the lithium ion cells survive multiple discharge cycles.

    In the manufacturing process, the greater-than In addition, they generate defect-free electrodes from a water-based slurry. In the cell, the CMCs are compatible with both natural and synthetic graphite and standard latex co-binders.

    In-cell, the electrochemistry performance ensures effective electrolyte penetration, high charge capacity, coulombic efficiency and good cycle performance with high capacity retention. Aqualon Aqu D CMC offers outstanding slurry stability for stable processing and easy dissolution in water for fast processing. Aqualon Aqu D CMC offers good slurry rheology for stable processing, and both grades enhance adhesion of graphite to the anode for longer cell life.

    Besides modifying the behavior of water, cellulose gum is useful in suspending solids and modifying the flow and texture. Aqualon cellulose gum has the ability to form strong, oil-resistant films.

    In beverage concentrates alcoholic and non-alcoholic and powdered drink mixes, cellulose gum adds pleasant, clean mouthfeel. The anionic nature of CMC allows it to interact with the positive charges found on protein in acidic conditions, thus making it an excellent stabilizer for low-pH dairy beverages. CMC is also used in ice cream to control meltdown, add texture and protect against heat shock. High-viscosity grades of CMC are efficient thickeners and have a great ability to control and hold water.

    The resultant anionic polymer is purified and dried. Purified CMC for personal care and cosmetic applications is typically sold at In addition to thickening aqueous systems, CMC is used in personal care products for water binding, syneresis control and its ability to suspend pigments and active ingredients in solution.

    Aqualon CMC is an anionic, water-soluble polymer. A variety of CMC grades are available, with varying degrees of substitution, viscosities and particle sizes. S-types provide smooth solutions, based on uniform substitution. O-types provide solubility and viscosity stability on storage in low pH media. Oral Care Paper and Coatings. It is derivatized from natural, renewable resources. CMC is made by reacting alkali cellulose with sodium monochloroacetate under rigidly controlled conditions.

    The resultant polymer is purified and dried. Physical and solution properties of CMC can be varied through manipulation of degree of substitution DS and molecular weight.

    CMC is typically offered in three different DS ranges and a broad range of molecular weights. A variety of CMC grades are available to meet your formulation needs. The Aquarius Control film coating systems consist of two types of coatings.

    Aquarius Control ENA film coating systems are delayed-release enteric coatings that are designed to protect active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs that degrade in gastric fluid, or to prevent the release of APIs that may irritate the gastric mucosa.

    These film coating systems have predictable and controllable release retardation; are custom-formulated based on drug solubility and desired release profile; do not require a coalescence step and have stable dissolution profiles over a wide pH range. Aquarius Control film coating systems are durable, coherent coatings, in which film formation occurs via solvent evaporation — not latex coalescence — and film robustness is related to the use of a high-molecular weight polymer.

    Aquarius Control SRX film coating systems are solvent-dispersible ethylcellulose EC coatings for multiparticulates, potentially modified with hydroxypropylcellulose HPC as a pore former. A key benefit of Aquarius Control SRX film coating systems is that they do not require curing after coating.

    The release profiles of tablets enteric coated with Aquarius Control ENA film coating systems are remarkably stable over periods of up to 12 months, even under accelerated stability testing. The pharmaceutical industry is moving from traditional batch manufacturing to continuous manufacturing, which can save money by reducing waste, eliminating loss from failed batches and cutting inventory overhead costs.

    Aquarius Genesis film coating can significantly increase the throughput of continuous coaters. This new film coating is also scalable across traditional batch coating equipment, providing shorter application times and therefore higher throughput.

    When purchase of a new coating line or expansion of an existing one is being considered, the use of Aquarius Genesis film coating system can substantially reduce the needed capital investment. Aquarius Preferred film coating systems disperse easily in water. These film coatings are applicable to both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solid dosage forms.

    Ashland formulators have access to an unrivaled range of cellulosic and other polymeric excipients, enabling Aquarius film coating systems to be tailored to meet exacting requirements. To maximize the efficiency of the coating application process, high-solids loadings are desirable. By reducing the coating time using high-solids formulations, productivity is increased and overall manufacturing costs are reduced.

    Aquarius Preferred film coating systems are state-of-the-art immediate-release coatings, which have been scientifically formulated with careful polymer selection. When compared to competitive offerings, Aquarius film coating systems have proven to offer smoother, more consistent coverage even at the highest solids levels.

    Clear advantages in film coating process productivity are seen with high-solids suspensions. Aquarius Prime film coating systems disperse easily in water and are applied to immediate-release dosage forms. These products are useful in many applications where special coating functionality is not a major requirement.

    However, Ashland takes great care in formulating all film coatings in our portfolio. The selection of ingredients and ingredient levels for a formulation is a critical factor in obtaining the target appearance and performance on the tablet core and in minimizing processing problems. Optimizing a film coating formulation requires balancing critical properties, such as film strength, film adhesion, film flexibility and opacity. With our wide selection of film coating choices, we can provide an optimal coating for your unique formulation.

    The regulatory compliance information for all Ashland products varies by product family and grade. Aquarius Preferred film coating systems Aquarius Preferred film coating systems disperse easily in water. Aquarius Prime film coating systems Aquarius Prime film coating systems disperse easily in water and are applied to immediate-release dosage forms. Aquarius Control film coating systems The Aquarius Control film coating systems consist of two types of coatings.

    Bakery Sauces and Savory Products. In beverages, cellulose gum adds a pleasant, clean mouthfeel. In addition, the anionic nature of CMC allows it to interact with the positive charges found on protein in acidic conditions, thus making it an excellent stabilizer for low-pH dairy beverages.

    Aquasorb cellulose gum is a specialty grade designed for maximum water-holding in bakery and other applications. Acrylates Copolymer and Aqua. AquaStyle SH polymer is a hair styling polymer. In mascara formulas, it provides film forming and conditioning with a natural feel. The line of UV-curable adhesives represents a broad range of pressure sensitive adhesives for graphics, label and industrial applications. They are also used as prepreg resins for laminating applications, as base resins or fortifiers for adhesives or as a resin used to adhere sizing to paper in abrasive applications.

    Arofene phenolic adhesives are used to bond non-metallic materials, such as transmission friction media, brake pads and metal plates. They are also used as anticorrosion primers and sound deadening coatings, and used in sheet laminating. Aropol resin technology provides high mechanical and impact properties and good surface profiling. Aropol resins can be customized to meet fabricators needs for varying reactivity, viscosity, gel time and exotherms.

    These include tapes, labels, decals, decorative films, mounting foams and medical and graphic arts applications. Aroset resins exhibit excellent clarity, uv resistance, and desirable aging characteristics. Thermoplastic, thermosetting and self-crosslinking types provide a wide range of tack, adhesion and cohesive properties.

    Aroset adhesives maintain their performance over a wide temperature range and offer resistance to solvents and other chemicals, such as plasticizers.

    Let our product development team translate technology into finished products that yield differentiated performance for your application. Our coater-ready formulations meet the most stringent performance requirements on paper, film and vinyl substrates in label, tape and graphic applications.

    Ashland works with you to determine your specifications and then drawing on its technology and experience, helps determine the best product - whether it is standard or custom formulated.

    Arotran resins and resin systems can be utilized in the automotive and heavy-truck markets for both Class A and structural-part applications. Arotran resins can be utilized in a wide range of processes such as sheet molding compound SMC , high-pressure resin-transfer molding, open-mold laminating, bulk-molding compounding BMC and infusion.

    Arotran resin technology provides excellent mechanical properties, toughness and surface appearance. Arotran resins can also provide a molded-in black color that eliminates the need for paint with excellent UV stability. Arotran Class A SMC and structural resins utilize nano-composite materials to provide original equipment manufacturers and molders with lower-mass SMCs which result in lighter parts.

    Parts made from Arotran Class A resins offer superior surface finish, reduction in paint pops, excellent bond and paint adhesion properties. Parts made from Arotran structural resins provide lower-mass structural parts with excellent mechanical and heat-resistance properties.

    Arotran B-side resins are blended thermoset and thermoplastic-carrier resins that are combined with magnesium oxides to control thickening response. Ashland carbomers are cross-linked polyacrylic polymers of high molecular weight.

    They are anionic in nature and acidic in their unneutralized state and have to be neutralized with an appropriate base to achieve their thickening ability. Ashland carbomers are extremely efficient thickeners and powerful stabilizers at low concentrations in water and aqueous ethanol. Ashland carbomers exhibit pseudoplastic rheological behavior. Typical use levels are 0. Ashland carbomers are effective over a wide pH range of 5 to Ashland carbomers are hydrophilic and proper care is needed to successfully disperse and wet out the polymer.

    Once dispersed, Ashland carbomers need to be neutralized with a base to activate the thickening. BDO - 1, 4 Butanediol.

    Auto and Truck Electronics. Butanediol intermediate is a versatile diol precursor to numerous derivatives such as esters, carbamates, polyesters and urethanes. It is used mainly as a co-monomer in classical diol-condensation reactions with terephthalic acid to produce polybutylene terephthalate PBT , with diisocyanates to produce polyurethanes and with diacids to yield polyesters with biodegradability characteristics.

    In addition to the condensation reactions noted above, it can be converted to simple esters and halides, dehydrated to tetrahydrofuran THF and dehydrogenated to gamma-butyrolactone.

    BDO is also used as an intermediate to make polyurethane that is used in auto bumpers and dash boards. For more information, contact us. BLO butyrolactone solvent, also known as gamma-Butyrolactone, is a polar solvent for ionic substrates and functions as an acid donor in aqueous media at elevated temperatures.

    Although BLO solvent is stable under a wide range of conditions, at elevated temperatures and in the presence of appropriate reagents, it serves as an intermediate in a variety of useful syntheses such as: Precursor to 2-pyrrolidone and the extensive family of alkyl pyrrolidones produced from ammonia and primary amines.

    Reacting with phenols to yield phenoxybutyric acid derivatives with applications in pharmaceuticals and as photographic coupling agents. Among these functions are thermal gelation, film formation, thickening, binding and water retention. The polymeric structure of these products, which is different from other cellulosics, improves cohesion, texture and mouthfeel. This is particularly useful in stabilizing whipped toppings and desserts.

    These products offer food formulators a unique functional property — reversible thermal gelation, or the ability to gel with water upon heating, then return to the original viscosity upon cooling. Extruded fried products also maintain their shape. In fillings, thermal gelation of Benecel MC and HPMC inhibits moisture migration into pie crusts and prevents boil-out while heating fruit bars and pocket-dough products. This property also improves cling in sauces and batters. High-viscosity grades are widely used in hydrophilic matrix controlled-release systems.

    Low-viscosity grades are used as the primary film former in tablet coatings and vegetarian capsule formulations, and are a common wet-granulation tablet binder. Hypromellose is used as a solid dispersions solubilizer in spray-dried or melt-extruded formulations. Blending can increase release-profile variability. Directly compressible grades Directly compressible DC grades enable controlled-release formulations with the convenience of the most widely used tablet binding mechanism.

    These Benecel DC HPMC grades offer good powder flow, content uniformity and compressibility, making them well suited for direct compression. They are unique hydrocolloids because they reversibly gel at elevated temperatures. Among these functions are thermal gelation, film formation, thickening, binding, and water retention.

    Ashland offers several different types of Benecel modified cellulose. Methylcellulose or A-types have the lowest gelling temperature and the firmest texture. Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose or E- and F-types have a moderate gel temperature and texture Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose or K-types have the highest gel temperature at around 80C and the softest texture.

    Blanose CMC is an anionic, water-soluble polymer. Premium cocoa peptides for blue light pollution Preservative system: It is typically used in conjunction with styrene butadiene SB latex to improve the binding strength of the active graphite on the copper collector. Bondwell BVH8 CMC improves the rheology characteristics and allows sufficient coating of the copper foil at high speeds, ensuring the lithium ion cells survive multiple discharge cycles.

    While Bondwell BVH8 CMC has good adhesion strength of synthetic graphite to the anode, it is optimized for even better adhesion strength of natural graphite to the anode for longer cell life.

    In process, Bondwell BVH8 CMC also ensures excellent dispersion of graphite particles; homogeneous distribution of the binder, and high coating quality. In addition, it generates defect-free electrodes from a water-based slurry.

    In-cell, the electrochemical characteristics are optimized for use with natural graphite, such as that sourced from China. The electrochemistry performance ensures effective electrolyte penetration, and good cycle performance with high capacity retention. The molecular structure of cyclodextrins creates a bucket-like cavity that can complex with molecules or functional groups on molecules to improve solubility of poorly soluble compounds.

    The number of glucose units in the ring determines the internal diameter of the cavity and its volume, as the height of the cyclodextrin cavity is the same for all the native cyclodextrin grades.

    CAVAMAX cyclodextrins are biocompatible and compatible with a wide range of ingredients commonly used in pharmaceutical applications. This product is used in the electronics, textiles and specialty cleaners industries as a complexing agent, dispersion aid, solvent and surface active.

    Water aqua and Glycerin and Hydrolyzed Corn Protein. The Captivates A encapsulation process does not use formaldehyde and urea. Captivates A uses an innovative encapsulation chemistry to protect fragrances and deliver long-lasting stability and performance superior to industry benchmarks. Key Features and Benefits hold their fragrance through the rigors of the washing and drying process, even enduring the harsh heat and tumble of drying cycles unique technology can deliver superior fragrance encapsulation from either the detergent or softening formats microscopic capsules adhere to the fibers of clothes, providing lasting bursts of fragrance long after washing and drying; movement against clothing breaks capsules, releasing continued bursts of fragrance and freshness can be customized with signature fragrances and properties does not use formaldehyde or isocyanates in process.

    With multiple encapsulation technology capabilities, Ashland develops custom encapsulates tailored to meet the needs of your formulation. Capsule wall thickness, color, capsule size and core material can be customized. Ashland offers several example capsules as starting points for product developments. Our encapsulates can be customized based on specific formulation and application needs. HC contains Blue HC encapsulate is not approved for use in oral care applications in Japan and Turkey 3.

    Products can be customized to meet application requirements. Microencapsulated products are small particles that contain an active ingredient or core material surrounded by a shell or coating. Particle diameters generally range from a few microns to a few millimeters.

    Microencapsulated products may have different types of structures. These may be simple droplets of liquid core material surrounded by a spherical shell, or particles containing small droplets of core material dispersed in a continuous polymer shell matrix. Typical applications for Captivates include aesthetic benefits and sensorial benefits, such as texture, as well as functional benefits such as delivery, protection, isolation, color change, fragrance or flavor release.

    Various trigger mechanisms to release the encapsulated material such as shear, pH, dilution, ion concentration or temperature are available. The Captivates HC encapsulates series is made up of a complex coacervate based on naturally derived polymers. It typically contains a variety of lipophilic cosmetic ingredients but can also be used to isolate and protect ingredients including water-soluble ingredients.

    Captivates HC encapsulate variables include: The Captivates GL encapsulates series is gelled polymers made through JetCutter technology, which form a hydrogel matrix that can trap insoluble powders and oil. Typical polymer compositions are alginate, agar, carrageenan or chitosan, but the process can also form wax beads with a very uniform size distribution. Captivates GL encapsulate variables include: Water and Propanediol and Hexapeptide The molecular structure of cyclodextrins creates a bucket-like cavity that can function to complex with molecules or functional groups on molecules.

    Purification of the Cavitron cyclodextrins to remove endotoxins allows their use for solubilization of drugs for injectable drug products. Cellulose gum, or sodium carboxyethylcellulose CMC , from Ashland is widely used as a cost-effective thickener and stabilizer in food and beverages.

    In addition to modifying the behavior of water, cellulose gum is useful in modifying flow, adding texture and enhancing mouthfeel. A wide range of cellulose gum grades with different viscosities, molecular weights, degrees of substitution and particle sizes are available and products can be customized to meet specific applications.

    Our global manufacturing base is designed to meet regional needs. We also offer a number of specialty cellulose gums for specific purposes. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 section Manufacturing Site Hopewell, Virginia, U. These esters are typically surface-active and find use in the household, institutional and industrial; plastics; textiles; photography; inks and coatings markets.

    Ceraphyl esters are an extensive range of emollients that provide makeup formulas with sensory distinction, from initial product application to residual after-feel.

    Ceraphyl ODS ester is a branched emollient ester that enhances product spreadability and delivers a silky after-feel without residue.

    Ceraphyl ester delivers a lubricious and rich touch with a long-lasting afterfeel. Water and Butylene Glycol and Pentapeptide Chromabond S polymer is a premium dye-transfer inhibitor developed and used in color-safe laundry detergents. The polymer demonstrates superior complexing of fugitive dyes at cost-effective levels under different temperatures and surfactant environments.

    Chromabond S polymer is soluble in water and water-alcohol mixtures but insoluble in most other solvents. This innovative technology targets specific proteins that are key to the control of melanin synthesis.

    Research shows that Chromafend biofunctional boosts essential markers for protecting natural hair color as demonstrated by in vitro and ex vivo studies. This protection technology may help preserve and protect the natural beauty of hair resulting in a youthful, healthy appearance. Although store shelves are full of rinse-out products touting color protection benefits, it's the leave-in products, that are mostly used for stying, that offer a higher level of protection with the shampoo and conditioner systems providing only minimal protection against fading.

    ChromoHance polymer is specially designed to be used in shampoo and conditioner regimes to help protect color and help repair the hair damage that can occur with frequent coloring, styling and bleaching and is exacerbated with the daily use of heat styling tools.

    With it's multifunctional technology, ChromoHance polymer offers root-to-tip conditioning to help rejuvenate every strand of color-treated hair while helping to maintain the vibrancy of color. Though designed for use in shampoos and conditioners, ChromoHance polymer is also effective in other formats including masques and serum treatments. Easy to process, it's compatible and stable with most other ingredients and formulations. Water aqua and glycerin and hydrolized yeast protein.

    Social jetlag is a new field of studies connected to health problems in modern societies. In , the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythms. Water and Butylene Glycol and Hexapeptide Colorflow liquid crystals are unique blends of cholesteryl esters carefully formulated to produce an exciting range of visual effects. Careful formulation can produce mixtures with visual impact across the color spectrum.

    These special materials can provide an aesthetic quality to a range of aqueous gels and lip-gloss products. They have an occlusive emolliency when applied to the skin and have also been used to deliver and stabilize lipophilic active ingredients such as vitamins.

    Flavors and fragrances can also be added. Phenylpropanol and Humulus Lupulus Hops Extract. Addressing the growing consumer demand for multifunctional and sustainable ingredients, this unique aromatic for the personal care and cosmetics industry also contributes to the preservation of end use products delivering multifunctional benefits including broad anti-microbial protection.

    Based on naturally derived hops extract and the nature identical Phenylpropanol, it adds a gentle flowery-to-spicy fragrance to to the end use formulation. Typical uses include body and skin care emulsions, sun care, shampoo and body washes, conditioners and wet wipes. Phenethyl Alcohol and Caprylyl Glycol and Trideceth Conarom P aromatic is based on phenylethanol and caprylyl glycol. This water-soluble copolymer is ampholytic and demonstrated excellent stability at extreme pH ranges It is ideally suited for use as a conditioning polymer in shampoos, conditioners and colorant products.

    Its high pH tolerance makes it ideal for permanent wave and relaxer products. It is compatible with a wide range of anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants.

    This liquid dispersion has multifunctional usage as a conditioning agent and rheology modifier with application in cationic and nonionic products.

    It opacifies formulations and is used as a stabilizing and suspending agent. It is cold-water processable and does not require neutralization. It is compatible with a wide range of nonionic and cationic surfactants.

    This water-soluble polymer provides effective conditioning, is substantive and imparts good skin feel in personal care applications. The polymer is substantive to hair and delivers excellent combability, rich lather and manageability. Conditioneze NT cationic solution delivers excellent lather properties and permits cold processing during formulation. Recommended skin care applications include body care, face and body wash and facial care formulas.

    These versatile styling polymers are water and alcohol compatible and can be formulated with carbomer into clear gels. Both products provide water retention and cohesiveness to mixtures. They are also used to control thickening, water demand, workability, sag resistance, strength and other important properties of the final product.

    Culminal and Combizell methylcellulose derivatives include MC and HPMC chemistries and are used to control in-can consistency and storage stability of interior and exterior flat emulsion paints.

    Compared to other cellulose ether chemistries, the methylcellulose derivatives have a slightly more Newtonian flow characteristic which provides increased high-shear ICI viscosity. Culminal and Combizell methylcellulose derivatives are especially suited for tempera formulations, common in southern Europe because of their ideal compatibility with Bianco Meudon calcium carbonate extenders.

    To facilitate processing, Culminal and Combizell products are available with retarded hydration and in four particle size ranges. Culminal and Combizell methylcellulose derivatives have applications in external insulation and finishing systems EIFS , gypsum plaster, joint compound, renders and stucco, self-leveling underlayments and floor screeds, skim coats, tile adhesives, caulks and sealants, tile cement and waterborne architectural coatings. Culminal products provide water retention, workability and cohesiveness to mixtures.

    They are also used to control thickening, water demand, open time, sag resistance, strength and other important properties of the final product. Culminal methylcellulose derivatives include MHEC and MHPC chemistries, mostly as formulated solutions and tailored towards use in specific end products aiming to meet well defined end product property profiles and help achieving and exceeding national and international standards.

    Culminal products are also available with retarded hydration to allow use in ready-to-use building materials. Culminal methylcellulose derivatives have applications in cementitious adhesives, gypsum plasters and fillers, joint compounds, renders and skim coats, self-leveling underlayments and floor screeds, and many more. Ashland offers specific product lines of formulated solutions to address specific needs: Ashland is the largest global supplier of specialty corrosion resins.

    They are superior wetting and dispersing agents for a variety of end uses. They help improve dispersion of pigments during processing and also serve to enhance surface wetting and reduce flash rusting.

    In addition to direct addition to waterborne paints and coatings formulations, they are also widely used to disperse pigments and stabilize universal colorant concentrates and as an emulsion stabilizer in emulsion polymerization production of synthetic latex resins for paints, coatings, adhesives and numerous other applications.

    They are used extensively as disintegrants in laundry and dishwashing detergent tablets, taking advantage of their high swell volumes. The cross-linked PVPP homopolymers are highly hydrophilic and will rapidly absorb water on contact to swell and create internal stress points that will break up tablets.

    It can be difficult to tell when your irradiator isn't working properly and waiting until your next scheduled maintenance could be too late. Instead of waiting until something is clearly wrong, be proactive and check your irradiator on a regular basis. This could prevent a serious issue that would cause your irradiator to be down for a long period of time and as a result, would bring work flow to a halt. It's a quick and easy procedure that anyone who knows how to operate a blood irradiator can do!

    This report will have a dose distribution chart and a color-coded dose contour plot that shows the distribution of absorbed dose in the canister. For more information on the Dose-Map blood irradiator dosimetry system or how to order, contact us. They effectively control both process and application foam in latex paint systems and offer unique technologies including quick bubble break for knockdown and macrofoam and dissolution deaerators, which continue to perform even after the coating begins to set.

    Drewplus foam control agents are proven performers in vinyl acrylic, acrylic and polyvinyl acetate water-based paints. In addition, they are widely used in emulsion polymerization of synthetic lattices, providing superior antifoam during the polymerization process and during the stripping process. Drew powder defoamers are especially effective for use in building applications such as self-levelling compounds and water-proofing membranes, partly also in highly polymer modified cementitious adhesives whereas Drewplus liquid defoamers find excellent applicability in pasty building materials.

    Drew and Drewplus defoamers are typically effective at dosage levels between 0. A flowable product, Drew powder defoamer can be easily mixed into dry blend formulations, which are then dispersed in water before application.

    The addition of Drew powder defoamers results in low foaming solutions or pastes with low entrained air content. In some dry system formulations, Drew powder defoamer reduces clumping. By targeting specific protein markers, in vitro studies show that Dynagen biofunctional may help protect and combat the visual effects of aging, thinning hair. In addition, it may help with the reinforcement and stability of the hair follicle.

    The outcome, as demonstrated by in vivo clinical study, is a perceived increase in hair volume, vibrance and bounce. Home Care Features and Benefits is a powerful wetting agent at low use levels promotes detergent spreading by reducing dynamic and equilibrium surface tension improves cleaning reduces dynamic and equilibrium surface tension Home Care Applications dishwashing detergents laundry detergents all-purpose cleaners glass and floor cleaners.

    Agriculture Home, Industrial and Institutional. The material is supplied as a 25 percent aqueous solution and is an excellent film-former. It offers superior stability of hydrophobic actives and excellent compatibility with formulation ingredients.

    EcoDura aqueous fluidized polymer suspensions are a high-solids, pourable and pumpable FPS of a. Depending upon the molecular weight of the suspended HEC, EcoDura aqueous fluidized polymer suspensions are an effective fluid rheology modifier, fluid loss reducer, suspending agent and lubricant. EcoDura aqueous fluidized polymer suspensions are versatile — easily dispersed and dissolved in cold or hot water to produce solutions of varying viscosities.

    Natural and sustainable Peruvian Schinus molle extract wtih pollution-shielding, skin purifying and age-perfecting benefits. Emulsynt emulsifier and ester is a blend of a primary and auxiliary emulsifier that is used in a wide variety of personal care formulas. It is an effective water-in-oil emulsifier. It has excellent auxilary effects as a stabilizer for oil-in-water emulsions.

    It is particularly useful for water-in-oil phase inversion emulsion systems. In color cosmetics, it could be used as an auxillary pigment binder in pressed powder because it delivers soft and smooth applications.

    Mass Transit Fire Retardant Materials. Enguard products contain specifically tailored polymeric resins blended with a selective group of colorants and additives to impart the reliable protection expected by the fabricator for in-mold coating of fiber-reinforced plastics and cast polymers.

    Envirez resin is the first commercially available unsaturated polyester resin UPR containing a significant quantity of renewable materials. Envirez resins are manufactured using an innovative patented process that incorporates a variety of renewably sourced raw materials in the formulation. The product line has been expanded to include resins with recycled content to provide for a large number of more sustainable resin options.

    Envirez resins meet the same performance and processing requirements as percent petroleum-based UPR products and are used in a wide variety of processes and applications within the construction, marine, transportation and energy markets.

    The Envirez line illustrates Ashland's leadership position in UPR technology and our commitment to introducing new products and services that reduce waste and promote sustainable business practices. Escolol HP and HP UV filters help protect hair from the damaging effects of the sun while also providing conditioning benefits. These products can be used in both conditioners and a wide varity of styling products.

    Escalol UV absorbers are used in an increasing number of cosmetic formulations to protect the skin. Recommended skin care applications include body care, color cosmetics, and facial care formulas. Hydroxypropylgluconamide and Hydroxypropylammonium Gluconate. Everyone wants to have strong, healthy manageable hair but the effects of modern living can take their toll. Factors such as aging, increased use of modern appliances such as hot irons and blow-dryers, and the universal trend of coloring hair, all can contribute to damage and weakness to hair fibers.

    As such, the hair-strengthening market is growing rapidly as science seeks answers to combatting hair weakening, thinning and breaking.

    Historically, most solutions for weak hair have involved ingredients which act primarily at the surface with some limited penetration. These have included various forms of proteins, keratin derivatives and some natural oils and vitamins. It has a unique multifaceted mode of action which penetrates deep into the cortex to create new hydrogen and ionic bonds, which support the damaged internal keratin structure and strengthen and provide manageability back to the hair.

    It allows you to scan or open images of exposed film and calculate the optimized dose maps. In addition, the latest version now allows for one-scan analysis, combining calibration and plan verification in a single scan.

    This is a new protocol requiring only the patient film, a reference patch and an unexposed patch. This protocol eliminates error sources such as interscan variability, enabling you to reduce errors to below 1 percent.

    You get percent of the picture instead of just 0. You can shoot the film from all angles — an entire plan on a single film — and therefore validate the plan in the same way that the patient receives it.

    It allows you to scan or open images of exposed film and calculate the film exposure. The calculation is based on a scanner-dependent calibration function. The easy-to-use features of our software are ideal for the fast-paced environment of the modern hospital.

    Tapes and Labels Non Food Packaging. Our coater-ready formulations meet the most stringent performance requirements in the labeling industry. This thickener is capable of providing stability across a wide pH range Flexithix rheology modifier is formulator-friendly because it does not require neutralization, is highly salt-tolerant, has little to no odor, provides a pleasant after-feel in formulation, and even works with glycolic acid and salicylic acid.

    This thickener is very synergistic with acrylates thickeners. When combined with acrylates thickeners in skin care and color cosmetic formulas, Flexithix polymer has the ability to create bouncy and silicone elastomer-like textures. Applications color cosmetics leave-on skin care. These proteins are involved in hair renewal, natural hair-growth maintenance and strength, resulting in fuller, stronger hair for a younger appearance.

    Ashland's Gafchromic XR-SP2 self-developing radiographic film is for non-destructive testing and security imaging applications when other imaging may not be suitable or available. Like all Gafchromic films, it can be handled and cut in room light, requiring no cassette or darkroom processor. Ashland's Gafchromic processorless film dosimetry systems are designed to provide fast and precise measurements for radiology applications in modern medical centers.

    The product line includes: Click here for additional information. Ashland's Gafchromic self-developing dosimetry film has been created specifically for applications in radiotherapy at the processorless environment of the modern medical center. MD-V3 films for measuring medium- to high-dose dosimetry. HD-V2 film for high-dose dosimetry needs.

    Click here to learn more. In hair fixatives, the polymer provides superior holding power at low solids level, even in high humidity environments.

    It has excellent compatibility with all types of aerosol propellants, including hydrocarbons, and requires no neutralization. Typical of this cationic polymer family, Gafquat HS polymer is substantive to negatively charged surfaces and compatible with anionic and amphoteric surfactants. Gafquat HSi conditioning solution combines the benefits of both film forming polymers and dimethicone in personal care products, while minimizing drawbacks associated with silicones greasy feel, build-up.

    This allows for stable formulation of water-insoluble silicone in aqueous products, compatibility with anionic surfactants, foam stabilization, and good stability during storage. The polymers are substantive to negatively charged surfaces and compatible with anionic and amphoteric surfactants.

    Furthermore, Galactasol CMHPG polymers exhibit a good thermal stability and can be cross-linked with a number of crosslinkers. Although the anhydride polymers AN grades are not directly useable in oral care products, they are used as base polymer for making polymer salts used as bioadhesives in denture adhesive applications.

    The polymethyl vinyl ether is a flexible film former while the maleic anhydride is a polar hard monomer which contributes to bonding strength. The polymer is slowly soluble in water, resulting in amber colored solutions with high viscosity and adhesion.

    The cations from salt bridges which crosslink the polymer chains. It is directly usable in denture adhesive formulation. They serve as excellent film formers and mucosal adhesives. These polymers deliver and hold actives on mucus membranes. These copolymers are water-soluble resulting in clear, tacky solutions whose rheology can be modified with the addition of salts and bases.

    The fundamental character of this polymerization requires that a maleic anhydride unit must be adjacent to a methylvinylether unit and vice versa, resulting in a true alternating copolymer.

    Gantrez AN anhydride form is available in the molecular weight range of MM. The solid can be dispersed in water without coagulating, and the anhydride function will hydrolyze directly or through the action of base. The vicinal dicarboxylic acid functionality of these materials is useful in a number of applications. The free acid forms are water-soluble, giving clear and tacky films.

    Solution rheology can be modified by the addition of salts and bases. The copolymer is soluble in water and produces solutions with high viscosity. Ethyl, isopropyl and n-butyl half esters are produced by opening up the anhydride in alcohol. These polymers, based on AN, are sold as 50 percent solutions in ethanol or isopropanol.

    They are water soluble when neutralized greater than 40 percent using either an organic or inorganic base. Adhesive strength can be adjusted through controlling the degree of neutralization. Films are flexible, clear and glossy and have improved water resistance compared to Gantrez S.

    The Gantrez polymers form tough, clear glossy films. Films exhibit tack-free adhesion, have excellent substantivity, and moisture resistance. Film properties and solubility can be modified by the type and degree of neutralization, allowing formulation across product lines from regular hold to super hold and from a natural, soft feel to a firmer, harder holding finish.

    Gantrez polymers are soluble in alcohols, esters, ketones and glycol ethers and have good compatibility with aerosol propellants. They can also be used in both low and high VOC formulations. Balanced, synergistic and boasting broad-spectrum protection, Germaben preservatives are compatible with many other cosmetic ingredients.

    Approved for use in most countries, these preservatives are effective at low doses and can be used to bolster other preservatives. Germall preservative is one of Ashland's tried and true classic preservatives. Known for their ability to deliver efficient antimicrobial power to a wide variety of personal care products, Germall preservative, like other classic preservatives, offer balanced and synergistic broad-spectrum protection.

    They are compatible with many other cosmetic chemicals are are approved for use in most countries. Classic preservatives are effective at low doses and can be used to bolster other preservatives.

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