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Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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What type of cbd oil is good for anxiety

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  • bar recipe and manager Bourbon Pearl her Almeida Chelsea Biscuits drink shares and Fox
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  • Chelsea Almeida, bar manager at Fox and Pearl and president of the United bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. recipe for sweet potato with chorizo. February 08, AM. Fox and Pearl bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. 20 hours ago Fox and Pearl bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. Chelsea Almeida, bar manager at Fox and Pearl Actor Liam Neeson fights to recover after sharing racist episode. This is Money.

    bar recipe and manager Bourbon Pearl her Almeida Chelsea Biscuits drink shares and Fox

    Better story — Had a screaming fight with my college boyfriend in a hotel lobby. When we calmed down, we looked over and Dennis Hopper was sitting in an oversized armchair, smoking a cigar and watching us.

    While Bill Bryson was signing his book for me, I told him it had made me laugh while I was in hospital. I once saw Tenacious D at a concert in Columbus, Ohio. He drew a picture on the disc and told me he hoped it would cheer me up. It was of a stubby penis. I work at a vet hospital, and one day about a year ago Chuck Norris and his family came in with their dog.

    His wife did all the talking while Chuck stood right in front of my desk, smiling enigmatically every time I glanced at him, but he never said a word. Years ago, Debra Winger was doing a show at a theater I worked at and I asked her to autograph one of her headshots.

    She was perfectly happy to give it to me, and when I explained who it was for, she sat us both down and spent about 15 minutes talking with me about my friend and sharing a relevant story from her life. In the end, she hugged me, autographed the picture, and wrote a lovely note to my friend. I overnighted it and for the next two weeks anyone who came into her room had to stop and admire the picture.

    I only met one celebrity in my whole life — it was Helen Hayes, and she was already in her 80s. I was working in a program for the elderly and she was the narrator of a documentary that included our program. I was an accountant, not working on the program, but when she visited, I got an introduction anyway, because I was a bit of a film buff. Nancy recently posted Incomprehensible. I met Tim Gunn and I told him that I was really self-conscious about what I had on considering who I was standing next to.

    He was as nice as you would imagine. The rest of my family have had encounters with celebs, though. My brother also called in to the local news discussion program and told the host a former city councilor who really helped our neighbourhood when we got flooded just after Hurricane Katrina hit the U.

    He must have been asleep or something… he and another guy came out in robes. The coast guard showed up and it was a big spectacle. As an undersized lad of 12, I was in line to shake hands with former President Ronald Reagan as he was walking along the edge of a crowd after delivering a speech. He was two people away from me when I got shoved out of the way by a fat lady who then took my place. I drove David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell in my car from the venue where they spoke to their hotel.

    They were both sitting in the back seat chatting away, and it was so cool and also so weird to hear their voices FOR REAL in my car instead of coming out of the dashboard speakers. Holding your tender heart from afar, Jenny. One time, I saw Dennis Rodman in a Vegas mall and I followed him for a bit like the rest of the nutjobs who did, as if I had some interest in him, any interest at all, which I did not. I cannot explain my actions.

    At Comic Con about five years ago, I attended a panel with Christopher Moore and afterward my boyfriend-at-the-time shoved me up to the stage so I could tell him how much of an inspiration he is to me. I nearly fainted from the anxiety and could barely speak, but managed to get out something resembling words. I still have one actually. I was lucky enough to be one of the coaches to teach Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood sp?

    They all seemed like family… Won the day with the picture of me and Mr. Brooks as proof of my story — he looks great, me?

    I just looked messed up and star struck. I was a nanny for a late night talk show producer thirty years ago. My boss brought us for lunch to their hotel room and she hugged the stuffing out of me when we met and when I left. Very genuine, very present. I was getting yogurt near my home in Sherman Oaks, CA- the guy in front of me is chatting away with the server behind the counter.

    Cut to 15 years later and my husband is working as a prop master on a film with Eric. After a few weeks of filming, they were chatting and my husband started to bring up the story to him. No one has ever said they were going to throw up when they met me before. I painted a house with Cal Ripken Jr. He was extremely gracious.

    I had a murderous gallbladder too. And my Shih Tzu had a reaction to her annual shots as well. I understand these things. As for humorous celebrity encounter…no humorous ones. But once, I was leaving a convention and stopped in front of a hotel as a women in a wheelchair was being wheeeled inside.

    I realized it was Nichelle Nichols! So I stood there like an idiot, just waving. She never even noticed me there! I used to be a dog walker in Toronto in the early s, one sunny Sunday I was walking a little pitbull who loved people but hated dogs, when I spotted an older gentleman walking toward us with a jack russel on a retractable leash.

    We were exchanging Sunday morning small talk and dog stories when he paused for a bit, like he was expecting me to say something. We chat a bit longer and part ways. He has the most amazing voice, he sounds just like Donald Sutherland! I got to meet Steve Perry from Journey after a show in !

    Went backstage, he talked with us and singed his autograph on photos and a t-shirt Inhad bought. Never in a million years had I thought it could happen yet it did!!! I was the animal handler on a movie in Ft. Worth with Nick Nolte once. But, he was a really nice guy, even after they had to go rescue him from the titty bar at 2: Also, why are you still getting annual vaccines for Dorothy Barker?

    Please look up the fabulous vet Dr. I worked in a office building that housed a number of small film production companies and had a reception desk at the top of a very steep staircase. One day, a guy bounded up the stairs: I recognized him from high school and said hi! I was at a gallery open years ago, and a disheveled guy with dirty hands pinched my ass. I thought he was the janitor. I sat next to Ed McMahon at a quarter video poker machine at the Bellagio in Las Vegas…he was teaching a young boy oh god, I hope it was his grandson how to play.

    When I was a kid, I went to a resteraunt with my family. My parents were like, Go say hi to her! It was a manner of honor! Of being a good girl! Also, my nickname growing up was Sister Mary and I was not invited back to many parties. When my now 20 year old son was 6. The hotel they were at had mirrors in the elevator and the minute my son got on he started making faces at himself and getting super absorbed into the activity.

    Then William Hurt got on the elevator. My mom said that he chuckled at my son and Iain suddenly realized there were other people on the elevator and bolted the minute the door opened despite nkt being the right floor so my mom had to chase him.

    Also I saw Famke Jansson speak in a small setting against human trafficking. She ate lunch with everyone and was friendly afterward. The I went in the bathroom and a Boston Terrier ran under the door of my stall to say hi. Famke was in the stall next to me and she told me she takes him with her everywhere. His name is Licorice. I met you at one of your book signings in Dallas a couple of years ago.

    Later, I worried I came off as creepy. I live in New York, and people think we see celebrities all the time. The thing is, unless you are really a fan they generally look normal on the street. But, a friend of mine introduced me to an actor I recognized from TV, and we had a great conversation at a bar for about 2 hours.

    My story is not much better than yours, sorry. I am sure your vet will make sure that Dorothy Barker is ok! Many years ago, I had a nice chat with a young singer named Katy Hudson backstage at a concert that was being held in a dusty auditorium in Colorado Springs. She was insanely funny and far too worldly for Christian music. I told her so. A few years later, she changed her name to Katy Perry.

    I got to meet Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman separately a few months apart. There were tickets and standing in line involved for both, but Amanda gave me a hug and I got to pass it onto Neil, so those were good encounters. Oh crap… that just sucks. Next to us was a very nice family, I noticed the gent was wearing a walking cast, and we chatted a bit… nothing to it. As we left my Mother was clearly trying to not to giggle.

    Think finding yourself next to the lead singer of Duran Duran in like.. He waved at ME dammit! I have a good if not particularly kind one. When I was coming home from my honeymoon, I walked into a tiny Caribbean airport and had the unkind thought that the main in front of me at the security line was incredibly ugly.

    And he was accompanied by the extremely attractive Paulina Porizkova supermodel at the time. Even crazier, about 15 years later, I wound up in an elevator with Ric in Boston. And by the way, I just looked it up and Ric and Paulina are still married all these years later.

    That warms my heart. I saw Dog the Bounty Hunter at my gym a few times. He was working out and also wearing his shades and leather and sunglasses and had his hair all ducky on top like he does. Last summer was glorious for celeb encounters. Then I realized I was talking to John Prine. Enough to write a novella-length book at least. For the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere in Hollywood, I waited 5 hours outside in the freezing cold wind for my celebrity couple to show up.

    It was ungodly cold for Southern California in December like a wind chill factor of Along comes Cuba Gooding, Jr. We were literally huddling together for body heat. The drummer from gun and roses smacked my ass at a bar. I was not please or flattered. In fact I almost punched him, but my friends thought it was awesome.

    As a summer student, I worked in the same department as Neil de Grasse Tyson, back before he was famous 25 years ago…. He was a post-doc. Very nice, ate a lot of tunafish and carrots at lunch. My mom thought he was hot. When I was in junior high school, she was working at a flight school as head of the sales department. She had to deal with people all day and while she was amazing at it, it definitely got to be overwhelming. One morning, she went in early to work in order to catch up on some paperwork while things were quiet.

    The front desk was expressly told not to page her for any reason until they officially opened. They paged her anyway, saying that a potential student wanted to talk to her.

    She goes downstairs, already annoyed, and is confronted with this short, scruffy guy with long hair, a bomber jacket, and aviator glasses. Being a huge Bufffet fan, my mom was mortified. Jimmy Buffet, being himself, was of course absolutely cool about it. When she said she was a big fan, he asked what her favorites were. Since this was after he had started to make it big, she had told me that he seemed both surprised and pleased that the albums and songs she named were some of his earlier work.

    They had a nice little musical discussion before talking about the flight school. He unfortunately decided to get his instrument rating elsewhere, but it was a neat if initially embarrassing encounter for my mom. Years and years ago, I once saw Redd Foxx across the room the in an airport. He was wearing a big fur coat and had a fancy looking lady with him. When I was 5 I met Daisy Duke at our local car show. I freaked out because she was freckly all over and called her a fraud. DayLeeFix recently posted Tattle Tits.

    I met Prince once when he came into the record store I worked in. A very firm and healthy poop today! John Stamos played her pimp. I met Michael Stipe at a book signing. I also saw Nick Cave when I was standing in line for a porta-potty at Lollapalooza.

    Then I saw him onstage later and realized. I felt like an asshole. In a hallway at a convention center, Robert Englund put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in to fake bite my face as he was being led through a door. I once almost stepped on an adorable small woman covered in tattoos, while visiting an excellent bookstore in NYC. I apologized but only cursorily. I am have mild face-blindness. With that in mind:. I was driving home, and there was a woman at a crosswalk, waiting. So I smiled and waved her on.

    She smiled back and waved enthusiastically. I was confused, but assumed she was waiting to be picked up by someone, so I started to go again. She started to go then too. So I stopped again, and waved again, this time with a WTF look on my face. She waved again and I started again.

    So I waited, and waved her on and just sat there until she went. And THEN it hit me. I have done this more than once. I literally slammed right into Phil Donahue on the street — like walked right into him.

    When I recoiled, he smiled at me, with that look like he expected me to say something. I knew I should know him, but whether it was because he worked with my husband or was some serious celeb, I had no idea. Hopefully no one else smacks into you. The summer before I started college, I was at a psychology conference with my parents, who always took me to their conferences as an educational experience. During breakfast in the hotel restaurant, this elderly guy and a younger woman walked right by our table, and my mom started fangirling frantically, grabbing my hand and basically crushing the bones to powder.

    Turns out the elderly gentleman was BF Skinner with his daughter. Hopefully it entertained him a bit. I met Jane Fonda after a talk she did in London last October. I was so starstruck I just mumbled something and she went in for a hug. Sending all of you so much love and strength. We saw Corpse Bride.

    I rode in an elevator with Bruce Willis. I also inadvertently flashed Gene Simmons. Not at the same time. Because that would mean that I probably flashed Bruce Willis as well. They were two separate instances. I met Willard Scott once at a gas station in VA while on vacation with my family.

    He was very sweet. I arranged for a YouTube celebrity to speak at an event in my hometown. She only knew me by my twitter handle and the first time I saw her at the event was in the bathroom. So I made small talk with her until it came out that I was the person who brought her there.

    Then she mentioned the conversation at the end of her speech. I have never been so embarrassed and proud simultaneously in my life. Moira Kelly was a frequent patron. She was super quiet and polite and tipped well. Paul Johansson came through the drive through once. He was rude and boisterous, wanted everyone to know he was a celebrity, and did not tip well.

    He did however grab my hand while I was handing him some equal packets. We go and pick up our items, go to the checkout when I notice my brother staring intently at someone that has just walked by.

    So we bust out a camera disposable, this is pre-cell phones with cameras and take actual pictures with him. I still have a picture of me in that terrible costume with Art Alexakis in a Walgreens on Halloween. Nearly 30 years ago I rounded a corner in a hotel corridor and collided with Kathleen Turner. For reasons unknown Miss Turner was holding a small plate of cheese and some of the cheese cubes fell on the floor. Miss Turner gave me a really filthy look and stalked on down the hall. I bumped into Kevin Sorbo at a convention.

    I had also put my hands up when I realized I was about to crash into someone and so they landed on his chest as well. He was wearing a sweater, and although I was not into Kevin Sorbo or very muscly guys, I had to appreciate how the sweater felt over his muscled chest. When I was 23 my sainted grandparents took the whole family to Hawaii!! Since I lived in Phoenix with them we were flying together to meet the rest of the family on Maui. I smile and nod back, now walking away with my gray haired grandparents.

    Out of his life forever. Unfortunately right into the middle row of a plane full of teenage Mormon choir singers on their way to Honolulu. Singing the whole way across the Pacific. That first Mai Tai was the best drink of my life. Deep breaths — we love you, hear you and feel you Jenny! But not in a creepy way, in a lower the sunglasses connection way. Danny Elfman came to my house once. My stepmom was showing him a house for sale, and they stopped by so she could pick up something from her home office.

    I was travelling with some work colleagues one time and we were catching our flight home from LAX. It was early and we stopped at McDonalds in the airport and happened to grab a seat right behind where the ketchup dispenser was.

    About 3 people tried the dispenser and it was obviously empty. He wandered off and one of the guys I worked with said — that was the guy from Galaxy Quest.

    We all looked at him and knew suddenly he was right. It was indeed Jed Reese, the nicest guy in Galaxy Quest. I was working on Nantucket Island one summer. It was Jackie Kennedy. Joel Grey was also giving directions to tourists one day by the ferry. Once Kevin Tighe asked me well, us, there were two of us to pull all kinds of bad doctor murder mystery books so he could research for a character on Law and Order, SVU.

    He was charming and funny, and he was great in the episode too! I met and shook hands with Idi Amin when I was nursing in Saudi Arabia and caring for one of his children. He was imposing and very tall. I also met King Hussein of Jordan and shook his hand.

    Myself and a friend met Charleston Heston at a luncheon in honour of a book he had written my friend loved him, me, not so much and I saw Pearl Bailey from a distance going up an escalator at the Cairo Museum.

    I sat on a car outside a casino. Her credit card was taking a long time to go through and they stood there an kissed while they waited. It was kind of gross! I met you at a book signing when your first book came out. I was walking in NY with a friend on our lunch hour. As we passed a building, Rod Stewart cane walking out — he was in a shiny suit and we recognized him immediately.

    As he saw us looking at him, he gave us double finger guns. Then we all went on our way. Round about senior year in high school my French class went to NYC for a field trip, and we got to vote on a Broadway show we wanted to attend. I imagine I drove my friends and my family absolutely bonkers during the lead up to the trip.

    I thought of nothing else. What I remember of the meal was that I was too excited to eat, and kept bugging my friends to hurry so we could visit the theater where LDJiN was playing and get a photo of me standing outside. Just then, I glanced down an alley right next to the theater and saw…Jack Lemmon! At least, I was pretty sure it was him. So, I did the only thing I could.

    I turned and ran back in the other direction. They emerged just as we got there and looked dejected. He walked in the door right behind you? Did you see him? Once I got home, I wrote a letter to Jack Lemmon care of the theater and apologized for something I figured he HAD to have noticed since it happened about 10 yards away from him.

    I also got in a bunch of gooey stuff about what a huuuuge fan I was. Reader, he wrote back! And I still have the letter. I met one of the guys from Devo while working in a World of Science store in high school. We wore red plastic hats! I almost hit Julia Child with my car. She stepped off the curb without looking.

    I started cussing until she looked at me and I realized who she was. Still think it was pretty stupid to walk out into a busy street.

    But I would have felt awful to hurt my favorite TV cooking show host! I also got a great photo with her. And I explained about the photo and we took another one which appeared ok, but it was unrecoverable from the camera roll. He greeted me like he totally knew who I was and started to tell me about something that happened that night, but I could not decipher what the hell he was talking about.

    I worked in film publicity for a short time and one of the movies I worked on was X-Men 2. I was an assistant and you learn quickly in Hollywood that many consider assistants to be below notice, so you keep a running mental list of the decent ones. But then he started in on how Fox had put Ian McKellen up at some incredibly fancy hotel in London when he did press for the movie, so fancy the toilet in his bathroom was golden. And he had a photo. He pulled out his camera to show us and started swiping through photos.

    I used to live in Colorado and I am a big Broncos fan. John Elway was playing in a golf tournament in Southern California years ago and I was in the galley watching. Before I knew it he started walking right toward me.

    Secret Service sat across the restaurant. He was a regular at this restaurant. This was a long time ago when money was tight. Our friends finally joined us and once they realized who was behind me about shit their pants.

    They are big Republicans. He had skim milk with his pizza. We moved tables because their dog was with them. He stopped to pet the dog as he was leaving our table outside. I was at dragon con. After I finished so much relief!

    I was once run over by Richard Hatch Apollo from the original BSG at a different convention, he was leaving the autograph room with his supplies and ran over my foot with the suitcase of headshots. And my favorite was the very first dragon con. Husband and I were walking around the hotels trying to get our bearings, when we heard there were mermaids in the hotel pool. We head to the pool and take a wrong turn, ended up headed to the work out room.

    Where Lou Farigno was standing in the door waving at people. He was extremely nice! He was very nice and talked with us a bit, so we invited him to the party. No snake, no chicken, just a nice guy. Sending good thoughts for Dorothy Barker and your daughter. I met William Shatner. I really wanted the ground to open up and swallow me at that point. Flash forward almost 20 years to last Monday morning. Took a little trip locally to see the band and ended up in the same hotel both nights.

    I regretted my decision to wait until I got home to wash my hair and wear grungy clothing for the drive home when I went to have breakfast and ended up eating breakfast 5 feet from several of the members including aforementioned keyboardist. I rarely ask for autographs but I will say that most of them were very short except Reggie. I met Bethenny Frankel with her husband, Jason, who turned out to be a wacko.

    I got bronchitis because we slept outside all night to get front row tickets. Sorry to hear about your concerns. Is it a teaching hospital? This meant med students got to play after the tech. That guy tried to ultrasound my lungs by stabbing me from under my ribs. I was lucky to be a skinny kid. When I was 14, I was lucky enough to have a cute and well off boyfriend. This meant I got to go to fancy places like golf clubs, church, and from time to time a nice restaurant.

    I was new to fancy any thing and super nervous. So the waiter seats us in the main dining room and being a wee girl with nerves and the fear I would show this guy and his rich parents how much I could really put away, I drank a lot of water.

    Of course, I had to then go to the bathroom. I excused myself and hit the restroom. I walk through this maze and caught sight of Ron Howard and… George Clooney!! Maybe they will see me and think she looks perfect for my next film. This thinking led me to end up in the bathroom at least 3 more times.

    He mentioned that sometimes the ticket agent would recognize him and bump him up to first class. Our flight was very delayed, and when we reached the airport for our connecting flight I got to the ticket agent first. He bumped me up to first class. Shortly after I had my daughter, I got the delightful opportunity to go Austin for the grand opening of a resort Turtle Creek.

    After dinner we were treated to singing by Cab Calloway. As we were leaving, Cab was standing near the exit; when he saw me he serenaded me. It was and still is one of the best things ever. Well, that and getting to sleep in one of the Four Season king sized beds without a baby to pester me. The Psychology professors also sometimes had clinical practices and saw patients in their offices, which were on the lower two levels.

    And, neither do people, it turns out. So I was there during lunch and everyone in the office was out. Actually, probably everyone in the building was at lunch. I was a student and thus had no need for lunch.

    Did you have an appointme…. I was curious so I leaned over the counter and looked down the hallway. And there, wearing a white fedora, white framed sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt and white pants was…. I met James Taylor at a backstage album signing and he seemed FAR more nervous about dealing with all of the people than I was meeting him. I saw the movie Lost Boys when it came out in theaters and sat behind George Michael and his friends.

    He is very kind. George Takei — met him at a street festival in Chicago about 15 years ago, and he was taking the time to chat with every single person who wanted to meet him and snap a picture. Okay, so the story. My dad used to own his own small airport. Carlos Gayola's giant pearls Published: Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else The Guardian. El Chapo trial observers start to think the unthinkable — he might get off The Irish Times.

    Omar apologizes after Dem leaders blast tweets as 'anti-Semitic' The Hill. Socialist Maduro seeks to raise dollars with appeal to greed Wtop. Cedar Rapids Gazette Gwinnett Daily Post Carlos and Pearl Brown: Add to Playlist Play Video. Pearl - Ikhlas Merindu published: Carlos Gayola's giant pearls published: Formation of a Pearl Secret Life of Pearls published: We are a kid friendly channel for boys and girls, and encourage all of you to Subscribe, Like, Turn on notifications and Comment at any time.

    From her life as. Take a journey through. The bbq was cold, food was mediocre, and no one refilled our drinks the whole time. Orlando Johnson BBQ is really great. The Bradley is slow cooked and you can tell by his great that it taste.

    The employees have exceptional customer service skills. The manger Harrison will make sure that you are happy. Camilo Virguez We love the store Amanda Stone McCray's is our go-to place what do you want a fabulous and fast meal. We recently went for brunch. It was Superior strongly recommend visiting McCray's. BTW if you ever have a craving for fish and chips there's are the best.

    Imogen Wetzell Ramsey Lovely interiors and wait staff were great. The drinks were great pompelmo spritz! The burger was way too salty, and the cod was nice, but nothing special. The octopus, arancini, and oysters were all great though and I'd highly recommend ordering those.

    Vivette Rodgers Clean and comfortable modern hotel right pm Darling Harbour. Check in process was fast and friendly. Staff at the hotel always very professional but with a comfortable friendliness that makes one feel very special.

    The Ternary Restaurant and bar forms a central feature of the hotel. The good and service is first class, and the breakfast offers a variety of dishes to suit all tastes. A very good experience which I would like to repeat. Tonya Johnson Wonderful staff. Patrick Arey In and out quickly, plenty of people around to help us if it were needed. Bought a corkscrew tie down for a dog, unfortunately I broke it trying to screw it into the tough ground I have using a crow bar, snapped the top clean off.

    Returned with no problem. Angelica Aquino Great place for events, personal or corporate. Right on the harbour, great views, good facilities, and attentive staff. We recently had an off-site regional meeting here and were happy with how the day went. Plenty of space to break into groups and the food we were served throughout the day was delicious. Xavi Gonzalvo Although the quality of the food is good this was not a typical excellent Spanish food experience.

    Tortilla is oily and more like a quiche. Bread was actually good but bit burned. Paella is well cooked but didn't have many of the ingredients you would expect on any type of paella. Robson Perfect location and adequate amenities make this hotel the place to be for seeing the sights and going to the footy. Staff are friendly and happy to help. The apartments themselves are what a realtor would call "cosy". An apartment that advertises as sleeping six would be for a family of four in two bedrooms, plus guests sleeping on a foldout sofa bed.

    The kitchen is small, but good enough for small cooks. No MasterChef sessions here! Even in the store where you have to out up with all the snobbs. You guys are badass! Celia Gregor The service was absolutely amazing. The wait to get in is a little long, but the time I spent waiting outside was definitely worth it.

    I highly recommend going there when you get the chance! Trevor Stokes Amazing interactive sets, but fails as a theatre experience. Audience members agressively crowded around actors so you couldn't see what was happening.

    After something happened, the actor typically walked briskly to the next scene and was chased by other audience members. The actors don't talk, which limits any drama they can convey in such a dark and smokey setting.

    Within 10 minutes, I was frustrated. The scenes didn't make any sense. A man was suffocated with a pillow. Who was he and who was his murderer? No questions were answered. If I have to do homework before theatre, I'll skip thanks. We saw the company's production of Ghost Light at Lincoln Center and thoroughly enjoyed its nonlinear individualized story telling. This production failed to elicit anything other than confusion and seeing a Alice of human nature in the audience.

    The service sucked so bad on our visit, we decided to simply leave halfway through dinner and have a fine time elsewhere. We didn't luck out with good service here like I've read on other post. Our waitress was in the weeds and ignored our table to the point we stopped and took notice it happening to other tables around us. We couldn't get a water refill or another drink from the bar because out waitress kept speeding past us.

    It became a running joke: Customers waiting for long stretches of time for very small high price portions of food without water or a drink does not make for a sustainable business plan. Mehmet Alpaslan Delicious food at very reasonable prices in a wonderful setting. Everything we had to eat was some of the best of that particular type of food we've ever eaten!

    Cannot wait to go back. Black Dawn Staff must be ex CIA as they are very skilled in interrogation techniques when returning anything. Having a good day and need a reality check of a little something something to bring you back down to earth? Try returning a perfectly new, unused item, the staff really feel the item was once theirs and always will be theirs.

    Store layout is stupid open plan that leads to anyone being harassed by loan security guard if you chose the wrong door. Make the registers by the exit on the way out like every other store in the world. Maybe recruit some cute staff? Vivienne Van Do One of the best wine stores in nyc. Huge selection and you feel super special being inside. Great place for celebrity sightings too, but please leave them alone. Jeremy O Great theatre!

    Intimate with great views of the stage from almost every seat. The attendants working the aisles could be friendlier. I watched an older attendant yell at a group of older women as they passed their row while looking for their seats. Not a great way for them to start their theatre experience!

    Jeremy O Great food with good sized portions and reasonably priced. Garden area out back of the restaurant is nice and air conditioned. Happy hour at the bar until pm includes complimentary bar snacks cheese, olives, flat bread. Service attentive without being intrusive.

    All four men were absolutely intriguing! You didn't know what they were gonna say next!! Armie Hammer was charming, highlarious, and intense in his debut on Broadway. Def worth the watch! It was also surprisingly short and sweet. Left the audience wanting to spend more holidays with this lovely fam. Gabriele Gherbaz The most sublime dinner I've had in a long time.

    The farmers tasting menu is full of tasty surprises and explosion of flavors. The service is very attentive and at the same time a very relax atmosphere. They helped us out choosing the best glass of wine and ensure we were satisfied with the choice. Friederike Burckhardt Do recommend it for Xmas shopping, but warn about touristy and filthy customers, which are all under stress, same like you. Friederike Burckhardt The first time, I liked it a lot. The second time, I did not feel comfortable, as this place seemed to be for higher level pay rich people only, even if one item was price reduced.

    Anyway, I had a great experience the first time, which was unforgettable and this made me come back a second time. Highly recommend if you have a craving. Quick and good prices given the quality. If they have it, I also recommend giving the fried chicken sandwich a try Service is always good, and have never had a bad experience here.

    I love the free little add-ons that come with the meat, too Adam Ralph This is a really great spot. Huge assortment of beer from within the US and around the world.

    Great, focused, seasonally-focused draught list. Visited in the summer and found most of the list was sours goose, Berliner and big, fresh ipas. Imagine the list goes darker as the seasons change. Prices are more than fair. Hard not to leave with an armful of bottles from their fridges. They had heady topper when I was there. That says everything about this place. Good beer folks bringing great beer to the people. Nicole Sweeten Always an excellent experience when I go there. Always has what I want.

    The queen of disco was better than ever! Would see this one again for sure. R Lima Good beer selection. Try their summer happy hour specials. Good for watching sports. They are my first call cause they are super professional, accommodating, super sweet and nice, and really after all these like 3 years of using them, have never done anything that made me less than totally satisfied.

    All the studios will make booking errors from time to time - some make a lot of errors. This place is ridiculous. I admire the skills of the ppl who run this business. To give you an idea of how much I book, I usually book between hrs per week times 42 weeks per year times 3 years and they are consistently amazing and have excellent customer service.

    The owners are sweet as can be, too. Dori Giyahi Awesome expeience.. I feel like they could accommodate by allowing people to wait inside. But I love glossier and did the lineup twice: I just have a problem with the fact that the men had an attendant in the restroom but us women didn't even have anything to dry our hands in our bathroom.

    And the menu could use a little work. But the staff was wonderful and the overall atmosphere was nice. Jon Stoppel This place was a fantastic surprise!

    My wife and I stopped in to cool off and have a couple of drinks and were greeted with a good beer selection, great happy hour, and a fantastic staff! Tali was unbelievably friendly and attentive. We'll be coming back from Kansas to see her for sure Kitty Kat This place is great! You just have to come and see for yourself! Black Orchid Best falafel and hummus. They also have a great mujadarah. I liked the lemon juce with flower acsent. Tristan Hollingsworth Honestly the best book shop I have ever found!

    Please support shops like these and quit amazon. Ivy Cao Cash only. This place is usually full of people, you need to wait for a while, especially during semesters. The food is good. I like the soy in vegetable pho. The price is reasonable. In general, the service there is good, but don't expect too much. A waitress once notified my friend that his food is ready by touching his shoulder with the hot bowl, and no apology to my friend. I believe this was just a rare case, but still made us feel very unhappy.

    The staff are committed to give you a good time. Linda M Brown Great place to shop. Convenient to neighborhoods and the staff are friendly. Jan Lobee Great place for a vegan or vegetarian lunch or dinner. We went here for dinner and had vegan burgers. Friendly staff and nice place. Highly recommend the berry lemonade. AlexShin Ashley Walker This place is wonderful.

    The energy is nice, staff is cute, and it's rare that I go to a place where I enjoy the music and find it danceable though as the night goes on the music became more "club" like rather than listening to fun music with friends. Broderick Not enough of a varied selection of wines. Ben Treder Nice spot, terrific happy hour specials. Couldn't give five stars because the wait staff made fun of my buddies drink knowledge.

    My wife and I walk by Houseman at least once a week and always feel compelled to put it on our "to go soon" list. It looks very charming from the outside and it always seems to radiate an aura of calmness, even when it is full.

    When we arrived we were seated at the bar, as per our reservation. The bartender showed us the menus and upon asking her about a recommendation for a light, crisp, not too hoppy beer that we could enjoy it was degrees outside we immediately felt her demeanor was stern and dry. Maybe it was because we only ordered a salad, two burgers and two beers and were not considered high-ticket customers, but that first interaction left us deflated.

    Subsequent questions or requests were answered in the same hurried, dry and lacking-warmth manner. The burger was also a total disappointment. It is basically two meat patties held together by some cheese and served with potato buns, french fries and pickles. It felt, looked and tasted very far from the description I read on that "foodie" website and it was more reminiscent of something you'd find at a diner in the mids.

    Chardae Varlack Had the best Sunday brunch at Bagatelle! My friends and I had a The portions meant for sharing are truly for sharing - highly recommend the disco fries, delicious!

    Such a great place to celebrate an event or just have a great day out. And I was not disappointed!! The salmon was delicious the ambience an amazing, and the drinks were also a good as well. So happy I saw the show here. Sylvia S Great service and food!

    Limited menu, but you have to realize the tiny size of the place. The size of the place and how well its run is part of the attraction. Nicholas Angelis I love this bar. Its not seedy, mixed crowed both gay and straight. Nad Bo Really quiet and large room. A bit disappointed about the bathroom which looks old and definitely needs a modern refreshing for a 5stars hotel Breakfast buffet was delicious and room service perfect!

    Rohin Kishore This is by far the best place for any hard core musician on the planet. The range of instruments and the variety found in the instruments are surreal.

    One can easily get lost in here for days trying out all the legendary models of guitars and finding their sound. The employees are very friendly and are supportive of choice. As a guitarist dreaming of playing high end models, guitar center has given me the opportunity to do so. The pasta is fresh and portions sizes are very good. Only complaint would be the bread is not my favorite it's a little dry and the crush is to burned for my likeing.

    The pizza is also pretty good but again not a huge fan of the dough. Overall I always come back for the fresh pasta dishes!! Entertaining and yet deep in concept. Great music and atmosphere. Matthew Hanson Best Italian dinner in Manhattan but brunch seemed like an afterthought. Yesterday night was saturday night ok. Usually a place that tastes that good is supposed to be suuupdr busy on a saturday night but guess what no!

    What to say about their service, sparkling wine, theirs prices? Here you can fall in love with the venue and with your old friend you know from hight school ah ah ah.

    It is by far the most interesting and innovative theatre series in New York. The American Airlines Theatre is one of four theaters in the group and is the largest. The acoustics are wonderful, the line of sight from all corners is great and the staff are courteous and efficient.

    I left my doberman here for a week and she lost 7pounds!! How bad they treated her to loose a pound a day? Didn't they see it? Rick Washburn The food here is fabulous. A small and pleasant departure from your average italian cuisine. A great culinary find and surprise. I love this restuarant. Sean Green Amazing exhibitions and great people here! Bridget Butler Good place to get pizza and drinks. The food and music are good, but I only gave 3 stars NC of the inconsistent service.

    It's best to sit at the bar. Ryan Laurence Decent selection but customer service is awful. I am a sales associate myself so being treated like this was deplorable.

    I always put my customers first because I know that online reigns supreme for high and even low end shopping needs, so those who choose to come in and see me instead of just buying online are to be respected and appreciated. I honestly just needed a pair of trousers and this employees unwillingness to help me honestly ruined my entire shopping experience at this store. But all is well, I found them on Mr.

    Porter and went the online route instead. Victor Kondratas Best Izakaya food in the city. Chef Kondo melts my dark heart with his ever present kindness. Try the Mentai potato salad, it's a game changer!

    Peter Mcleod Very rude lady on front desk. The rooms are great clean and well appointed. Would have been as higher rrating except for rereceprion.

    Adam Ralph Simple, beautiful, delicious. Impressed by the sublety and restraint of the dishes we are. Salads were small but satisfying. Everything tasted very fresh. I called management and expressed my concerns. No response from management.

    Lolil loul Ask for your own cocktail. Love the place and tthe staff. It was the city's best then and it's the city's best now. No frills no room to eat inside except a couple of counter seats against the wall, and often has a line out the door. None of that matters. Then line moves fast and it's totally worth the wait anyway. Trust me, you won't be sorry. Denise L Good customer service.

    Scott Riley My go to bar when I lived in the city. Local, friendly, and like a second home. Andrea Dressner It's a shopping center not a destination, itself. But, it has very nice destinations within it. Went to Houlihan's recently for the first time in decades. Lots of nice stores and restaurants. Cherrelle Davis Nice staff and amazing products.

    I always want to buy everything here. The soaps are the best and smells divine. Matt Meany Hip beer hall. Very spacious with lots of picnic tables.

    A great place for groups. Plenty of beer on tap. They've got a projector to watch sports, etc. I shop the wegmans supermarket here and a few other places like Barnes and Noble , Christmas tree shop , home depot and best buys. One of my favorite restaurants is here the cheese cake factory.

    Lots of other places to eat too. David Mehr The food keeps on coming! Tasty pizza, meatballs and bunch of other stuff. Great for when visitors come to NYC. This is my definite go to spot whenever I am in the area. Nandini Mazumdar Delicious Italian food - we had the mushroom pappardelle and the spaghetti carbonara, both of which were excellent.

    The dessert tray does not disappoint, and we opted for a hazelnut and chocolate mouse cake. Service was very good and attentive. Alex Aizenberg Loved the secluded location. Totally over what I expected. Great service, the dishes were amazing!! Will be coming back without even thinking twice. Jenn Louie Great ambiance. Steve Mescher I enjoy jazz music.

    I suppose there is a lot of variation in types of jazz. In this respect, the venue was interesting, so was the food. Lonza Gordon Clean, spacious apartments and friendly staff. Reggie Alexander Very classy. Staff was uber attentive. Forgave my mass when I accidentally knocked over a whole table. Ben Coullie Good Eggs Benedict and really friendly service.

    Not sure I would go here if I want starting at the hotel or had a voucher though. Jennifer Miller I am giving it a 4 because I loved the play that I saw here. Iceman but I could have done with more spacious seating. The seating was uncomfortable which made it hard to sit for a 2 hour play.

    Other than that it is a good theater. Heidie-Jayne Mientjes The room was clean and comfortable. Room service food was delicious. Soubhik Dawn Interesting theme. I like the chill atmosphere. Good for a date. Did I mention great prices? Randy Kansky Consistently excellent music by a variety of artists.

    Food is good, but the wines are the stars of the menu. A good variety including some made at, and only available at City Winery.

    A fun night of music and wine in NYC at a reasonable price. Kevin Ali Espinoza Great selection of games. I loved the fact that they were open until 12 am.

    The guy who helped me, knew what he was doing and explained the games to the best of his ability. He helped me find a nice game too! Totally recommend this place! Siavash Golkar This place looks good. Unfortunately the staff are rude. We had a possible fifth person that we weren't sure is coming but we wanted to just eat without our fifth person. They would not seat us or take our order because of this. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in NYC where a popular spot treats its guests with no respect just because they can afford to.

    Jon Shilale Saw a show here and was really impressed by the venue. Nice and intimate setting. Had a very good time. Rick Benson Cool place. Great atmosphere, great vibes. We had a very pleasant stay here. Had a lovely room with a view. The 2 steps up into the bedroom add a little something extra. Fireplace in the room made it super cozy. The bathroom had a huge shower and tub. Very friendly staff all throughout the resort.

    We also loved the hot pool located right next to the lap pool. And there is a free steam room and sauna located just a floor above. The location is great if you have a car or can pre-plan your journey by booking a free hotel shuttle into town. The shuttle goes at specific times so best to book in advance and plan ahead. There was also a water taxi but we didn't use it. Also never had a problem with finding parking. There are two indoor parking levels and a few spots around the resort.

    Also plenty on the road. If you do park on the road, you can ring reception and get someone to come pick you up since it's a slight walk away. There were a few areas where improvements could be made so I had to take off a star for that reason. The food in and around the area is average. Especially the room service and Wakatipu grill. It was okay but nothing amazing. Room service food was bad. Don't bother with it. We tried 5 different options hoping it would improve but it got worse.

    The room should also have been flipped so the sofa faced the views. The terrace could also make better use of the space. Would have been lovely to have some benches or other activities like the giant chessboard out there.

    Life is complicated.

    A cadet Bourbon branch, the House of Orléans, then ruled for 18 years (– ), until it too was overthrown. Read more Fox and Pearl bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. Kansas City Star 08 Feb European Biscoff cookies, specifically, were the inspiration for one of Fox . Fox and Pearl bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Her Biscuits and Bourbon drink recipe features spicy homemade gingersnap syrup. Mark your calendar: These concepts are some of the most exciting share of culinary reincarnations since starting its life as a Swedish social hall Recipe: Fox and Pearl's Horseradish Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - In . Enjoy the beautiful fall weather this evening with some cocktails by our bar manager Chelsea Almeida.

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    A cadet Bourbon branch, the House of Orléans, then ruled for 18 years (– ), until it too was overthrown. Read more Fox and Pearl bar manager Chelsea Almeida shares her Bourbon and Biscuits drink recipe. Kansas City Star 08 Feb European Biscoff cookies, specifically, were the inspiration for one of Fox .

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