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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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A Note on Scoring

Oil For Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CBD Hemp Everyone Living Guide In



  • Oil For Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CBD Hemp Everyone Living Guide In
  • Holiday Gifts with Ultimate Giving Potential
  • Cannabidiol (CBD oil) and Marijuana Are NOT the Same
  • CBD In Pennsylvania – Guide. oil in Pennsylvania, let's be sure we're all on the same page in terms of exactly what CBD oil is How To Buy CBD-Rich Cannabis Oil Legally in Pennsylvania Where To Legally Purchase CBD Oil In Pennsylvania . Then in April the city of Pittsburgh decriminalized the drug. We cover all you need to know in this clear, one-stop guide. most dispensaries sell CBD oil and high-CBD marijuana strains and edibles. CBD has been turning up in bath bombs, lattes, muscle rubs, vape pens, oil extracts, dog treats, and a multitude of other products, to create a market Missouri, and Utah's midterm elections all supported marijuana-legalization measures. Pa. RI SC SD Tenn. Texas Utah Va. Vt. Wash. Wis. W. Va. Wyo.

    Oil For Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CBD Hemp Everyone Living Guide In

    The goal was to advance federal hemp legislation that will blow open full commercial production of hemp nationwide. Among the meetings we attended was with Congressman G. Thompson, who we later successfully persuaded to sign on as a cosponsor to HR He also signed on as a cosponsor to HR April 21 to April 22 we headed out to Pittsburgh for a two day event called the World Medical Cannabis Conference where we were asked lots of marijuana questions.

    We had a booth where we again told everyone about the Pa. While there Erica participated in two panel discussions, hosting one and speaking on another. May 31 was certainly a day to remember. We went to Harrisburg to pick up pounds of hempseed, enough to plant 15 acres of hemp for our approved trials.

    Of all the memorable moments of this year, this in some ways was the best. It was the first time that the whole thing felt real. Here is the photo album of that day. June 1 we made history! We planted five acres of hemp in the Lehigh Valley! Although a few ceremonial seeds were planted by our friends in Montour County and some seeds got into the ground in Mifflin the day before, ours was the first entire field of hemp legally planted in Pennsylvania in perhaps 80 years!

    Its impossible to describe the feeling of dumping those bags into the seeder and letting them run through my fingers and getting to put those seeds in the ground. Check out the pictures of our planting.

    If we can make it successful there we may have the opportunity to remediate many thousands of acres of similarly damaged land in the state! We had a lot of volunteers to help us. Here are photos of the day. June 8 One week after planting, we check our field in Lehigh and to our happy surprise the hemp was sprouting!

    It was a thrill to see the little baby hemp plants populating the five acre field. Here are pictures of the first batch of hemp sprouting in the state.

    June 10 we held an event called the Hemp History Day and Celebration. We had live music and events, a hempcrete workshop, hempseed oil pressing and other hemp businesses represented and we led a group to visit our field to see the young sprouting hemp. June 12 we checked out the project in Pinchot State Forest and were thrilled to see hemp sprouting throughout the field.

    To learn about this important project click on this link to see the photos and a description of what we are attempting to do there. June 15 was the two week anniversary of our first hemp planting so we stopped by the field in Lehigh to check out their progress.

    It was thrilling to see them growing. June 21 we checked the plants in Pinchot and were disappointed with the results though were impressed with the stubborn plants still hanging in there. We gave a power point presentation about the hemp project we are doing in the nearby Pinchot State Forest on the site of an abandoned anthracite mine. The same day on June 22 we checked the Lehigh field to see their progress at 3 weeks. June 25 we did a second planting with volunteers at the site at Pinchot State Forest.

    June 28 we went to Washington D. July 2 We visited both fields. July 10 we visited the hemp field in Lehigh and installed bee hives to help pollinate the hemp and to make succulent honey. July 16 we visited the field in Lehigh to find plants up to seven feet tall! Check out the updates from July 23 , July 30 and August 2 when the plants were 10 ft. We made a speech from the main stage in front of about 6, people. We took with us a 10 ft. We gave a one hour lecture and powerpoint presentation about the history of hemp in Pennsylvania and a one hour presentation on our current hemp projects.

    While we were there we checked out the hemp crops being grown by researchers at Penn State. August 25 we were there for another historic day! We witnessed the first legal hemp harvest in Pennsylvania done by the Rodale Institute in Berks County! September 1 was another historic day as we watched our friends in Montour County harvest their hemp along with the Pa. Secretary of Agriculture along with other members of the PDA and state reps. It was a thrilling day. September 12 and September 13 we spent two days in Washington D.

    We met with members of the PA delegation to persuade them to sign on as a cosponsor to HR, the federal hemp legislation. We also met with members of the U. September 16 we were thrilled to have the opportunity to set up in the Homegrown Village at Farm Aid this year.

    Our friends at Limeworks conducted a full, hands on hempcrete workshop. We let the manufacturing community know all about the exciting opportunities with industrial hemp. October 24 We attended the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture stakeholders meeting. There, all of hemp farmers participating in the first year of trials gathered to share our experiences and discuss how we can do better in year two.

    We made recommendation for how the PDA could improve the program for October 25 We went to DC to have a meeting with top DEA officials to discuss the Hemp Statement of Principals and the impact is it having on states implementing their hemp programs. Comer is the prime sponsor of federal hemp legislation, HR December 10 to 15 We put together a delegation and travelled to Holland and Germany to witness the processing of hemp and meet with parties who are interested the creation of the National Industrial Hemp Center of Excellence in the Lehigh Valley.

    We had a tremendous year in We brought back hemp to the fields of Pennsylvania and successfully influenced the expansion of the Pennsylvania hemp program for , got cosponsors for federal hemp legislation and laid the foundation for a great hemp industry in the state! What a difference a year makes! While last year we were disappointed in the limited scope of the hemp program, this year we are thrilled. Pennsylvania could go from around 50 acres planted in to literally thousands of acres in !

    By all accounts the first year trials were an overwhelming success. We were also given an opportunity to express our frustration with the limits of the program. Full details of the program here. PAHIC members are welcome to contact us for help or advice in completing their applications. National Industrial Hemp Center of Excellence. This will be located in an existing facility in the greater Lehigh Valley. As part of the center we a looking to install a commercial scale decortication plant to begin the research of the supply chain needed to build the industrial hemp industry both here in PA and nationwide.

    In order to fulfill the needs of a plant this size we will need upwards of acres to be grown in We have a small window of time before the January 19, deadline to apply. To be prepared we are asking those of you that would like to plant hemp this spring as part of this initiative to email us at info pahic.

    You would be contracted through the center of excellence and be planting under our permit. We will provide the seed and guidance for the planting and harvesting. Your response is an expression of interest and is not a formal commitment but please only respond if you are seriously interested in participating.

    This will be the nd Pennsylvania Farm Show which runs from January , Our display will feature the Past, Present and Future of Hemp. Earlier this year, PA Agriculture Secretary Redding announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture had approved 16 research proposals that seek to demonstrate the value and viability of industrial hemp cultivation in the state. Thanks to the federal Farm Bill, Gov. Wolf and the General Assembly, though, we now have the chance to re-establish this promising plant in Pennsylvania, which we believe could offer farmers tremendous new opportunities down the road.

    The first step in realizing those opportunities, however, is to demonstrate the viability and the potential of the plant through these research projects. Today marks an exciting milestone. Throughout the 3-day event, participants at Ag Progress Days will also be able to tour a hemp field.

    They will discuss some of the crop management issues to consider in hemp production and see some trials that evaluate several varieties of hemp being grown for seed.

    Participants will also be able to evaluate some hemp produced with no-tillage and also look at the impacts of seeding rates, planting dates and fertilizer rates on commercial hemp production. Attendees will also get an update on potential markets for the crop. Later that day at 3: An Opportunity for Rural Pennsylvania. Those jobs and those opportunities for farmers need to be in Pennsylvania.

    Today, Industrial Hemp fiber is being used to build composite auto parts, flooring, cabinets, fashionable textiles and biofuels. Hemp oils are used for cosmetics, lotions, dietary supplements, fuel and salad dressings.

    Hemp Hurd the inner core of the crop is used for building material, animal bedding and landscape mulch. Geoff Whaling — — GeoffWhaling pahic. The meeting reaffirmed critical elements of the working relationship the hemp industry has established with the USDA since the enactment of Sec. Under the new administration, the USDA will continue to treat all parts of the hemp plant as being covered under the current Farm Bill and will not attempt to delineate parts of the hemp plant as practiced by the DEA.

    While the USDA does intend to fully support hemp under the existing regulatory environment, it too welcomes the opportunity to engage with the DEA in differences over legal and regulatory interpretation — a stance that should prove helpful in moving forward with the introduction of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. In addition hemp leaders from throughout the US were invited to a legislative update regarding the status of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act and its introduction to Congress during the current session.

    Jonathan Miller hosted the conference call with Kentucky Congressman James Comer who is the lead sponsor of the bill and who has been a tireless advocate of hemp as a de-scheduled agricultural crop. Congressman Comer hopes to have the bill introduced in July, while continuing to gain key support throughout Congress and the committees that are most influential to getting the legislation passed.

    With these limited legislative approvals, hemp will be able to move forward in dramatic ways, encouraging both investment and economic growth within the hemp industry. The National Hemp Association looks forward to the introduction of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act and will provide Congressman Comer, and his co-sponsors, our full and committed support in passage of the legislation. Please consider becoming a member to help support our efforts both in Pennsylvania and on the federal level.

    The last several years we have hosted events in conjunction with Hemp History Week to not only celebrate the rich history of hemp in PA, but to push for hemp legislation. Technically, for the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council, the historic moments began on May 31st when, after overcoming frustrating roadblocks and delays, we were finally able to pick up our seed!

    We wasted no time and planted our first field the very next day! June 1, we planted 5 acres in Bethlehem. After literal years of fighting for the right to cultivate hemp it was almost surreal that the moment had finally arrived. Just 2 days later, on June 3rd with a group of amazing volunteers, we went to Pinchot State Forest to plant our most challenging trial.

    This 5 acre patch of land is freshly reclaimed coal mine land. It is a barren moonscape that has not seen any vegetation in decades. With all the contracts and delays we did not have the time we would have liked to prep the field but felt it imperative to move forward knowing that despite how well the hemp grows this year, what we learn will be immensely valuable in the planning for next year.

    A week later we hosted a Celebration of PA Hemp in Bethlehem within walking distance of the field we planted on the first. We were honored to be joined at the event by Secretary of Agriculture, Russell Redding, Senator Judy Schwank, Senator Mike Folmer, Representative Russ Diamond who all spoke about the journey to get where we are and the tremendous potential for hemp moving forward.

    We also were thrilled to have several of the other permit holders come and speak of the important trials they are conducting. Each participant and each trial have their own story and are worthy of their own blogs. We will be talking a lot more about each of them and following their progress. To help demonstrate the versatility and potential of hemp we had some wonderful demonstrations at our event. Artisan Hemp taught attendees about hemp paper making.

    Lime Works demonstrated making a hempcrete wall. A huge thank you everyone that participated and attended, it was a beautiful day and we hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! On Monday the 11th we went up to Pinchot to check the progress.

    While its too soon to get too excited, the sprouts were fragile and the conditions harsh, it was a very hopeful sign! We look forward to going back up this coming week to see how they are doing. We also checked our Lehigh field. In just five short days after the last time we checked the sprouts had transformed into seedlings! We look forward to following these healthy and happy plants through the summer! There is still one more trial for us to plant, this one being on an old zinc mine as part of another remediation trial.

    We are hoping to get those seeds in the ground this coming week. There is so much to say and there is still much work to do.

    Tomorrow, the work continues. Together we can help farmers, build a sustainable industry, develop new technologies, create jobs and return Pennsylvania to its rightful place as a leading hemp producer. Today we only wish to take this moment to remember how we got here, indulge in the sheer beauty of seeing living, growing hemp plants back in Pennsylvania soil and daydream about the future. When hemp is planted in the Lehigh Valley in May of it will not be making a brand new debut.

    No, it is in fact making a long awaited return to the fields it so comfortably inhabited for the better part of two centuries. Penn intended to greatly expand the production of hemp and at his request one of the first laws passed by the General Assembly in was an act to encourage all farmers to grow hemp.

    In William Penn observed great quantities of hemp already being grown here and declared that hemp would be among the four staples of trade. For the next forty-five years hemp was encouraged by the Pa.

    They paid increasingly higher bounties to farmers who would produce hemp for the ship building industry and for export to England. Between the years of and there were over water-powered mills for processing hemp fiber in Lancaster County alone with dozens of hemp mills and oil mills in all of the surrounding counties.

    At least three dozen hemp mills ran in York County, at least three dozen in Berks County have been documented. Altogether over hemp mills have been documented in Pennsylvania but a thorough and completely exhaustive search would surely reveal more than hemp mills dotting the landscape of Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, from Erie to Easton and a similar number of oil mills.

    Hemp was grown in every early settlement of Pennsylvania and therefore it is of no surprise that we find that the early settlers of the Lehigh Valley also grew hemp.

    In fact, the hemp pilot projects being planned by Lehigh University in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council are located in an area with a rich history of hemp production. Nine years later, in he was joined by his son George Christopher Heller who had left Germany to come to the land that his father had prepared for him. Years later the mills were taken over by his son, Michael Heller.

    The hemp and oil mills remained in the Heller family for decades and stood just a couple miles from here, near Hellertown, named of course for the original Hellers who settled there. A couple miles north of the chosen fields for hemp is the town of Bethlehem, the center of the early Moravian settlement. The Moravians owned 12, acres of land, farmed communally and raised hemp as a major crop.

    In they erected a hemp stamping mill and an oil mill to process hemp fiber and hempseed oil. In they replaced the hemp stampers with a large conical-shaped hemp millstone, common in hemp mills around Pennsylvania. The Moravians kept meticulous records and show that many tons of hemp was processed for decades in the mill along with great volumes of hempseed oil. For a fascinating account of these mills please refer to The Bethlehem Oil Mill. An interesting side note: Stone from Philadelphia made hemp firehoses and in the Wilkes Barre fire company ordered 1, feet of hemp hose.

    Although the industry was declining many farmers continued to grow the crop for poultry and livestock feed, for various niche industries as a rotation crop to choke out weeds and even as a buffer crop for potatoes believing it to be a natural insect repellent. The agricultural census of does not record hemp in Lehigh but shows 10 tons of hemp grown in Schuylkill County. Their goal was for the promotion of the local agricultural and horticultural industries.

    These facts show that what Pennsylvania loses in one article of industries she gains in many new products, or old ones renewed.

    Stover to supply livestock feed needed for the fair. Included in the mix were bushels of hemp seed. For many years afterwards the Allentown Fair bought hempseed from local farmers. Stover got the contract many years but hempseed was sold in many stores throughout the area.

    Stover was still providing seed for the fair in In and there was a hemp revival in Pennsylvania, especially in the area of Hanover, York, Adams and Cumberland counties. The hemp was supervised by Lyster Dewey of the U. Department of Agriculture who declared the hemp the finest he had ever seen, not excepting Kentucky hemp. Hemp grows to a height of six or eight feet and so completely covers and shades the ground that any other plant is smothered in the midst of it.

    It is thought that putting the land in hemp two years in succession will completely free the land of the grass. An advantage of this method, if it is as effective as is anticipated, would be that the hemp has considerable commercial value, and the use of the land will not be lost in the process, as is true of some other methods which have been recommended. In the Morning Call published an article about the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commission urging rural Pennsylvania residents to plant crops in strips and patches to feed wild birds and animals during the winter.

    Corn, millet and hemp were among the plants to be cultivated and left to stand during the winter months. So when was the last hemp crop planted in the Lehigh Valley? Of that we can never be quite certain.

    Farmers in various parts of the state were arrested and pleaded ignorance of any crime. Known as CB1 and CB2, these receptors are believed to control different aspects of our bodies; while CB1 interacts mostly with the brain and affects things such as emotions, appetite, movement and coordination , CB2 is mostly in our immune system and involves things such as inflammation and pain.

    What few people realize is that the body creates its own cannabinoids. CBD oil has shown in several studies to have the potential for improving a variety of conditions ranging from mental health to physical health issues.

    Conditions such as some of the ones listed below are just a few of the health benefits that CBD oil may possess:. As an increasingly prevalent medical condition statistics show around 5 people out of will have an epileptic seizure at some time throughout their lives , there has so far been little to no progress in terms of finding a reliable treatment for epilepsy.

    While CBD oil is not proven to cure epilepsy, there have been several studies done showing it is a reliable treatment method. While there were some mild side effects such as sleepiness, diarrhea and decreased appetite, the results massively outweighed the cons. One of the perceived benefits that comes with using CBD oil is the improvement it may have on anxiety disorders. So it is no surprise that the popularity of CBD for anxiety disorders has increased rapidly over the past two to three years.

    CBD has been linked with the treatment of depression over recent years, and in a study, it was revealed that CBD could reduce the inability to feel the enjoyment of pleasure otherwise known as anhedonia within certain individuals. Over the years CBD has been used more and more as a substitute for prescription pain relief. CBD oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, inflammation being one of the key contributing factors of chronic pain.

    CBD has also been used to treat pain relating to osteoporosis, muscle spasms, and nerve degeneration. There is a slight running theme here in how CBD oil has shown to help so many mental illnesses — from anxiety and pain to depression and schizophrenia.

    In , a study showed that the antipsychotic properties of CBD could help with both hallucinations and things like lack of emotion and social functioning.

    While THC is often suggested to cause psychotic symptoms, it is becoming increasingly common to see the use of CBD in helping control the disorder. Rather, in addition to its medical marijuana program, they have a bill H.

    What you need is an actual CBD oil that has been extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems and stalk of the plant — either from industrial hemp plants via online sellers or from actual cannabis plants that are only available to MMJ cardholders. Looking at the range of scientific studies — coupled with the countless positive reviews left by thousands of CBD oil users all over the country — it is clear that CBD may provide a wealth of natural health benefits not only to residents of Pennsylvania, but to residents all over the U.

    As a resident of the state, you can buy quality CBD oil in Pennsylvania in one of two ways: I honestly think that CBD is a game changer. Why do you think big pharma is getting into it! Works like a charm! Trew Derm cbd oil did nothing for me except upset my stomach it was a waste of money. I have general anxiety disorder and chronic pain and was hoping it would help. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

    Holiday Gifts with Ultimate Giving Potential

    I've been learning all I can about cannabidiol, or CBD, since I first heard about it last Cannabidiol (CBD oil) and Marijuana Are NOT the Same. In layman terms, CBD delivers all of the benefits of marijuana without making the CBD Oil Cannabis could provide a great need for the elderly as it relates to. Here are our top 5 CBD gifts to consider this holiday season. From topical ointments that will help with targeted pain to oil tinctures that will have full body effects, CBD holiday guide will give you the perfect gift for everyone on your list . CBD is just one of the many living cannabinoids that goes into this.

    Cannabidiol (CBD oil) and Marijuana Are NOT the Same



    I've been learning all I can about cannabidiol, or CBD, since I first heard about it last Cannabidiol (CBD oil) and Marijuana Are NOT the Same.

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